Song Spotlight Solos – Forever Rebel

I think I was due to eventually do a post about this song someday. Mainly because I love it. It’s my freaking Twitter screenname. I think it’s also my name on the BSB Fan Club and on Nick’s. I’ve loved this song ever since I heard teases of it on the old Nick fanpage Not Like You. Does anyone remember that site? I bet Nick does. He used to give shoutouts to it sometimes. I didn’t know it was a bonus track however as I wasn’t nearly as connected and deep into the fandom in 2002 as I am today. Imagine my surprise when I can’t find the song on my copy of Now Or Never. Yes, I was pretty disappointed.

Thank goodness for the internet.

You see, Forever Rebel actually was a bonus track to the album in guess where? Japan.

I have said it before and I’m saying it again. Japan gets the best damn bonus tracks when it comes to BSB music, as a group or solo. Doesn’t matter. Fight me on this one. It’s honestly not fair. So I did what any sixteen year old girl (yes I was only sixteen) would do back then, I downloaded it on my slow ass dial up internet. I think it took at least a freaking hour. Was it worth it? Damn right. It’s full rocker Nick, and that might be why I love it so much? Or maybe it’s the lyrics. It’s an anthem. He actually helped write it. Which is pretty impressive when I remind you that this was his very first attempt at a solo album and even Nick admits it was an experiment. I swear most of my favorite Nick solo songs tend to be the ones he had a hand in writing. (My Confession, Falling Down, Forever Rebel, I’m Taking Off, Tijuana, Second Wind…Okay I’m getting off track here.)

How many of you guys knew about this song? Bonus tracks are the types to be unnoticed by fans who dipped in and out of the fandom. And since this was during their break (as they never broke up) as a group, I could see this flying under the radar for many. I’m hoping most of you know but if not, that’s my purpose with these posts. Introducing you guys to songs you didn’t know existed! And you know, to ramble on about why I love them. Like I am right now.

I wish he’d sing it today. Mainly because while he did sing it during his Now Or Never Tour back in the day, I think we can all agree Nick wasn’t in the best of places in 2003 when it came to his health, drugs, and alcohol. Modern day Nick I think would freaking kill it though. I’ll link the only performance we have footage of though, which is from Acafest. Imagine him, with his current level of vocals and his performance skills? Holy shit.

Nick, I need to make a request? Perform this. On Twitch. On Instagram Live. I don’t care where.


I wonder if Nick even remembers this song exists. That very question is what spurred me to write this. Because Nick’s always talking on Twitter about the “Backstreet Deep Cuts”, the songs non-fans don’t know about. I tend to love those myself. But come on, the solo deep cuts deserve some attention too! This is the kind of song you blast as you’re driving down the road, singing at the top of your lungs. That song when you’re pissed off at somebody but you refuse to let them win. It has this youthful and of course rebellious energy that Nick was definitely feeling back then as he struck out against his boybander image and family, just like anyone growing up.

But hey, least it gave us a good song.

So Nick if you ever happen to see this, feel free to talk about it on you Twitch channel. Play it. Sing it…I’d love to see it.

Seriously. I’m begging here.

Cause I’m little bit of love
A little bit of hate
A little bit of me that you can’t break
Baby, I will be Forever Rebel! 

Cause I’m a little bit of soul
A little bit of lust
A little piece of me that you can’t trust
Baby, I will be Forever Rebel!

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