120 Thoughts Watching “Backstreet Boys: Live In Concert” in 2020

Sometimes I get on writing streaks and I’ll be sitting at a computer every night churning out some content. This is definitely one of those times. So I dug out my VHS of BSB’s first official concert tape, because yes this is a VHS tape, and yes I do still have a working DVD/VHS combo player that I refuse to get rid of until it dies. Mainly because of my BSB videos. Thank God technology has advanced though cause I’m doing this on my Chromebook while my desktop downloads and uploads a ton of files cause I’m behind on updating the Media Archive. On that note, let’s get to it! I feel wordy tonight so who knows how many thoughts this damn post will have?

Let’s get to it!

You can watch right along with me if you’d like right here.

  1. They need to release a DVD of this. Mainly because dammit, what will I do when my VCR finally dies?
  2. OMG at the beginning the subtitles at the bottom while the host talks in German go by SO FAST. How the hell am I suppose to read that?
  4. So happy those got ditched early on.
  5. Nick is a literal child here. He’s like…17.
  6. Everybody hasn’t come out yet on an album but they use the music as an introduction. Was it a single by this point? No, right?
  7. Guess they were teasing the “new album” with it.
  8. Was anyone who’s still a fan today, there at this show? I’m always curious in these posts.
  9. OMG this introduction. Baby photos, kid photos, is that really the best way to announce them?
  10. Like hey here’s the five Boys you have a crush on…but as kids!
  11. SO CHEESY. Look at those dance moves. The running man…
  12. If you’re ready and you know it, clap your hands! *clap clap* Which…okay?
  13. Now it’s let’s jump, hippity hop!
  14. Let’s have a paaaaaarty. Nick’s adult voice can’t handle this song because, well, puberty.
  15. Fun fact these are absolutely stream of consciousness posts. I basically check for typos or missed words after but that’s it. (I’ll probably miss something anyway) The point is, this is my brain, unfiltered. Is that good or bad?
  16. Is…is Nick lip synching here? He sounds identical to the CD version. I’d forgive it because he’s like 16 or 17 so peak puberty vocal issues.
  17. Yeah this doesn’t sound live. Well for Nick. All the other Boys do.
  18. AJ rapping? Totally live. Wild. Wild.
  19. Like I said, easily forgivable because Nick’s voice was changing. He was probably having a hard time trying to sing this song that  way. Cause they sorted this out by 1998 (Orlando Homecoming Concert.)
  20. Ohh rapping Kevin was hot.
  21. I hate that the VHS tape cut the solo covers.
  22. AJ looks like a different person. Are we sure he never got body swapped?
  23. Could be aliens. Just saying.
  24. Brian is giving a gun show right now.
  25. Remember when Brian introduced himself as “B-Rok”?
  26. Ohhh the Howie-Do-It line.
  27. THANK YOU HOWIE for answering my mental question! It’s 1996 when this took place.
  28. So Nick is 16. Cool.
  29. Nick’s hair…man. It’s bowl cut, not quite curtains yet.
  30. Who thought putting them in overalls was a good idea? Why? TELL ME WHY?
  31. Kevin is freaking gorgeous. I feel like I said that in every one of these posts but damn it, young me was blind. BLIND!
  32. “We’re gonna take it back about four years when we used to sing other people’s songs.” Sweet freaking lord.
  33. Damn that freaking ear candy. Why the HELL did it take another twenty three years for them to record a song a capella?!
  34. Just To Be Close. I wish this still got performed. I got lucky and got to see it live once on the 2014 cruise.
  35. I’m still not over the coordinating overalls. They’re distracting.
  36. I often forget just how old I’ll Never Break Your Heart really is. Probably because of the second version of the music video. I always think of 1998, not their debut.
  37. Nick singing directly into the camera, being the charmer he is. You get even better at that Nick.
  38. Please tell me you’re going backstage to ditch the overalls!
  39. They’re just so terrible.
  40. I wonder how many thoughts I dedicated to the damn overalls? Hmm.
  41. More crowd shots. Seriously if you were at this show, reach out. That’d be cool.
  42. I Wanna Be With You, my favorite song off the Red Album. Trust when I say I happy danced when they brought it back for the DNA World Tour.
  43. Yay outfit changes!
  44. Why is AJ wearing sunglasses?
  45. Is Brian’s shirt open?!
  46. IT IS. Damn, he never does that anymore and it threw me off.
  47. Double damn, there’s a shirt under it. Okay that’s more typical.
  48. I always thought Brian looked prettiest with dark hair.
  49. Man, listen to Brian’s voice soar.
  50. Howie literally did a twirling move with a rose and I’m low key impressed.
  51. Howie’s got this wet curl look going and I kind of dig it.
  52. I like listening to Kevin speak German, even when it’s not as interesting as what he said in the BSB Documentary.
  53. They literally have no idea here how long this will keep going.
  54. “The next song we’ll do for you is our next single.” And you know what song it is? Anywhere For You. Man.
  55. This used to be one of my favorite songs once because it was a Nick and Brian song which doesn’t happen often, and I was a Frick and Frack girl, like HARD CORE when I was a tween.
  56. Nick is definitely singing live here. But it’s a song where he can sing deeper.
  57. Brian and Nick are basically singing to each other. No wonder they were shipped so much together.
  58. DId they ever have a shipping name? Was it Brick? It should’ve been Brick.
  59. Damn this arena is huge, and packed. And remember this was only 1996
  60. This might sound bad but I’m noticing how light it is on the Nick in this tape. Like over the years he learned how to dominate a stage, he got more solos, so of course he was featured more.
  61. But this was filmed early so that wasn’t the case yet. It’s just weird.
  62. Aww Brian got a stuffed bear. Remember back when fans didn’t throw underwear?
  63. This tape has me feeling ancient.
  64. Ooh Darling. That intro with Kevin man, it’s just sexy. I loved hearing it for myself during the Vegas residency.
  65. I swear Brian’s jawline right now would cut freaking steel.
  67. I mean he literally did a slow grooving dance while lifting up his shirt.
  68. That just doesn’t happen. Never went to a BSB concert (in person) where it did.
  69. It was always AJ.
  70. Sometimes Nick.
  71. Kevin never really did it either, he stopped early on too.
  72. Am I in an alternate universe?
  73. Feel FREE to bring that move back Brian.
  74. Cause damn.
  75. I’m really glad the group evolved from Brian and AJ, and the other three (with occasional Nick) to all five. It’s what sets them apart from NSYNC and other boybands.
  76. SING IT BRIAN. That voice, y’all.
  77. Aww this was always my favorite part.
  78. Look at Nick go on those drums! He can still drum too.
  79. I like drummer boys. Did then, and I do now.
  80. Plus, it goes into Nick and Kevin singing my favorite BSB song of all time.
  81. How cute it is for Kevin to say his little brother Nick is on the drums.
  82. So we get Nick on the drums, being all modest. Then Kevin on the piano. Love.
  83. It’s so crazy that Kevin taught himself how to play.
  84. Also, how can you not love 10,000 Promises?
  85. Best part of the tape, I’m saying.
  86. I’m having a lot of thoughts tonight. If you’re still reading, you deserve a drink. Pause and go grab a shot. You earned it.
  87. I hate that this song never got officially released in the US. I’ll be salty about it forever. This song deserved better.
  88. Kevin’s voice suits this song really well. I wonder why he didn’t get a solo on the studio version?
  89. Look at the lighters in the crowd. Back when we couldn’t just use flashlights on our phones.
  90. Such a silky smooth voice, Kevin just has a really unique tone I don’t think was appreciated enough. Especially back then.
  91. Can we bring this back? Kevin singing 10,000 Promises with Nick while he plays drums and Kevin’s on the piano? Split the solos between the two and then let Howie, AJ and Brian do another song while Kevin and Nick did a costume change?
  92. Hey Jen, I have a list of ideas for you. Hit me up.
  93. Aww Nick calling Kevin his big bro. I’m a sucker for this.
  94. Kevin with his camera. Can we PLEASE release those home videos? You just know there’s got to be funny ass shit on there.
  95. Oh shit, it took me a minute to recognize the song. Boys Will Be Boys. One of the cheesiest songs in Backstreet History.
  96. For a second I thought it was Roll With It. Shame on me.
  97. The bulky jackets are back. AJ’s is open though, probably cause it has to be hot in those things!
  98. Howie’s is open too. I mean not surprised, how can they dance in them?!
  99. Seriously, someone might pass out.
  100. Heeeeey I heard Howie just now! He was so unappreciated. Still is, but less so.
  101. Why did a fan in the crowd have an American flag? Why was she waving it around? They didn’t have fans in America yet. I’m confused.
  102. Was the deep voice saying BACKSTREET BOYS necessary?
  103. Get Down, get down, and move it all around!
  104. Did Nick almost trip? He looked unsteady for a second.
  105. Oh rapping AJ. It’s probably for the best this got dropped after the debut era.
  106. The body roll part of this dance always makes me giggle. Probably not the intention.
  107. Is Nick doing jumping jacks?
  108. Howie is really good at the body roll. This can not be said for every Backstreet Boy.
  109. Ha! Howie literally threw his jacket off at the end. He’s had enough.
  110. Fake ending. Mainly cause Quit Playing Games hasn’t been sung yet.
  111. A concert without that song would just be weird.
  112. Oh good, they ditched the jackets again.
  113. I can’t remember if they sing the version where Nick does get a solo or he doesn’t.
  114. Guess we’ll see!
  115. The dance they do with the mics is still cute to watch.
  116. Okay so Nick does sing his solo. But didn’t they release the version where it was just Brian on the first two verses in Germany? Did anyone back then wonder why it switched?
  117. AJ you’re in an arena, you don’t need sunglasses. It’s the concert version of wearing them at night.
  118.  Nanananana… I might be singing along as I type. Don’t judge me.
  119. Never quit playing games with my heart Boys.
  120. One final bow. Honestly I wanted an even number so I added this thought just for that.

That’s a wrap!
Let me know what TV special or DVD you want to see me do next in the comments!

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