DWTS Recap Week 7 – AJ Goes Psycho On The Dance Floor

Halloween. Spooky season. One of my favorite holidays and basically what I consider to be one of the funner themes on Dancing With The Stars every year. Obviously I was excited for this one. And when I heard that AJ’s dance this week was a Psycho theme? Holy hell. That’s my favorite horror movie of all time. Of. All. Time It’s a classic for a reason, people! And yes I’m talking about the 1960’s version. The remake in the 90’s sucked.

Anyway, I figured this would be a fun night all around. You know I was organizing my Media Archive the other day, uploading everything cause 2020 has me busy as hell. And I clicked on an episode Nick’s season (by accident), and is it just me or was the cast better on his? This definitely isn’t anything against AJ. AJ has no say on who his fellow castmates are. But they were definitely more entertaining and more engaging than the cast this season. So many like, bore me. I might be being too honest here but last week I definitely had that problem. This week? Not so much but at the same time it was also Villains Night.

But let’s get to it! Honestly I feel like only two couples really deserve a recap this week. And one of them was Justina. Did she get the highest score of the night? Nope. But her dance was engaging and she’s one to watch because of casual fans. I also am a sucker for Stephen King and Carrie is just great as a book and as a movie. But her characterization was great. She was a little bouncy and the judges weren’t wrong about that but she’s just a very engaging performer. One of the few on the show.

The other I need to talk about? Unsurprisingly Nev, he was saddled with a Paso with a Black Swan theme. All haterade aside, it was a fantastic dance. Some weird framing once or twice but I think that was more the choreography than anything he did wrong. It was just a really good number. But I’d like to remind people that the reason he is so good is because he is not and has never been new to these styles on this show. Unlike what he’s said, he’s danced more recently than when he was a kid. Yes I am salty about this because it should be said. Again, his Paso was really solid so it’s hard to be super mad. I need to give credit where it’s due.

Now let’s get on to who really matters, AJ. AJ and Cheryl had a rough week.  During rehearsal Cheryl fell and hit her head hard on the floor. She was told to rest for the rest of the day and then it was unknown if she would be cleared to dance. She was, thankfully. But I’m sure that hurt their dance in that they might have lost some potential rehearsal time. AJ, being AJ talked about how he has no problems wearing dresses. Never change, AJ. The Tango itself was actually really good. He’s gotten a lot more confident last week and that held through this week. His feet were a lot cleaner. Like holy footwork. And of course, AJ is a good actor so he had the character bit in the bag. One thing the judges pointed out that I need to agree with is his frame. AJ, I love you. I know you can do this but you’ve got to fix your posture! They’ve been pointing it out since week one and now, honestly all the low hanging fruit or scorers are gone. It’s time to make it or break it. We know you can do it.

So we need to make sure we stay on top of voting! No slacking. No forgetting. It just needs to happen. His scores were pretty solid, two 9s and an 8. But the choreography was pretty intense and his feet were so good that had the posture been correct? It would’ve been 10s. Knowing that kills me. And it has me so freaking nervous for next week. So remember to VOTE YOUR ASSES OFF. No excuses here people!

I’m pushing this point hard because next week? It’s not just Idol Week but it’s a double elimination. DOUBLE ELIMINATION. That means there’s three couples who end up in the bottom. Two go home and the judges can only save one. ONE. Our votes can only go so far. We need him scoring high too. But I have full faith in his ability to do it.

So now, I’ll leave you with the scoreboard. See you guys next week! 

Nev and Jenna — 30
Skai and Allan — 27
Nelly and Daniella — 27
Johnny and Britt — 27
AJ and Cheryl — 26
Justina and Sasha — 26

Chrishell and Gleb — 26
Jeanne and Brandon — 25
Kaitlyn and Artem — 24
Monica and Val — 22 *ELIMINATED*

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