DWTS Recap Week 8 – AJ Gets Painfully Honest On The Dance Floor

Did you have tissues tonight?

You needed them.

So tonight was super emotional because AJ got very honest on tonight’s episode of Dancing With The Stars. He talked about his struggles, what made him get back into rehab again this year, all of it. I mean when he was talking about in securities and how he doesn’t feel like enough, my heart just broke for him. Does he not know how many lives he’s touched? You are so special AJ. I wish you’d see it. Also he said something that made me go ohhhh. AJ always mixes up the year he started drinking and ended up in rehab. He got it pretty close tonight but then he mentioned he doesn’t remember those two years that led him to his first rehab visit. So it looks like the substance abuse screwed up his memories around then which would make a lot of sense. That and we’re fans so we’re like encyclopedias of BSB information. Oops. I also feel it’s very touching that Cheryl brought up her own addictions, no wonder they relate to each other so well. They understand.

I’m talking about AJ first tonight because well, I think tonight warrants it.

I’m going to admit something. Tonight’s dance wasn’t a full Rumba. Let me get that out of the way now. But given the story they wanted to tell and the song choice, I think the producers should’ve let them have a contemporary. I mean they let Gleb change the song from the original choice of Hound Dog. (True story, the press release had that but they actually danced to Love On The Brain.) But his frame? Fixed. Finally. It was a beautiful dance. You could feel every little emotion AJ was feeling. He put his ALL into it, I don’t care what Carrie Ann said tonight about breaking out, she’s wrong tonight. AJ danced so passionately tonight, more so than he has this entire season. And you never hear me say this but I think AJ got hosed on the scores. Purely because in comparison Chrishell and Gleb’s dance was full of non-dance moves, and a lift that Carrie Ann conveniently didn’t call out, and somehow got the same score?

I mean, she and Gleb went home so it worked out. But that’s not the point. Even two 8s and a 9 would’ve been alright. But three 8s seemed a bit low. It’s okay though. Nick’s journey on the show had ups and downs too, I have faith in our AJ. Though, if he gets a Salsa next week I wouldn’t be mad. Because they also had to do a relay dance against two other couples. Which was a Samba! AJ’s strongest dance. That’s why he got a top score of three extra points tonight. (Despite Kaitlyn getting practically double the time to dance) Go AJ!

Skai is back in the game but it seems like she’s relying too much on crazy lifts and she was in the bottom tonight. I don’t think she’ll survive much longer. As for Kaitlyn? This is going to sound mean and I don’t intend to but I can see why she never made it as a dancer. She has all the technique in the world, but she doesn’t have any of the heart. There’s no passion and no attack. That sort of thing matters in any kind of dancing. I think she’s hit her peak.

Nev has honestly gotten boring. I’m sorry. There’s been no growth or development or any well, anything with him on this show. I watch knowing he’ll be praised and that’s about it. He was good tonight. I’m not being salty. His dancing just doesn’t really make me feel much typically. Plus it does annoy when he’s slouching in a dance yet doesn’t get docked for it in comparison to other couples. He’s plateauing. As for Nelly? I got reminded of how big his fanbase is. He got the lowest score of the night by far. His dance, well there wasn’t much dancing tonight but he didn’t even land in the bottom two.

There was only one elimination tonight however, because Jeannie had to drop out due to needing emergency surgery. I’m glad she’s okay but it reminds me of how Tamar had to drop out due to a life threatening condition. How odd is it that both were hosts on The Real, both were on seasons that hosted a Backstreet Boy, and BOTH had to drop out due to their health? Talk about strange coincidences. Tamar was fun to watch too on Nick’s season. I’ll miss Jeannie, she was a ball.

Nev and Jenna — 27 + 3 = 30
Johnny and Britt — 27 + 3 = 30
Justina and Sasha — 27 + 2 = 29
Kaitlyn and Artem — 25 + 3 = 28
AJ and Cheryl — 24 + 3 = 27
Skai and Alan — 25 + 2 = 27

 Chrishell and Gleb — 24 + 2 = 26 *ELIMINATED*
Nelly and Daniella — 21 + 2 = 23

If we learned anything tonight it’s how much votes matter! So make sure you come back next week for Idols Night and keep voting AJ on to the finals! So if it’s Idols Night does mean AJ can do a tribute to the the Boys? Because they’re legends. Sounds legit to me!


See you next week!


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