Be Still My 90’s Heart – Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys Have a Song Together

Yes, all the rumors were true.

Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys have a song together.

I mean, what more can a 90’s kid want?


I try not to post rumors until we have the rumor solidified in my hot little hands. That’s why I hadn’t blogged about this before now. (Masked Singer being an exception of course because by the time it’s official, it’s too late to talk about.) But now that the song is officially OUT on all the streaming platforms? I need to talk about this. I mean, what else would I be doing at three AM if not writing about this blessing from the pop gods after work? Nothing. That’s what. I literally have my headphones on with Matches on repeat so I can do the thing properly. If nothing else, I just love to talk about the music.

Now admittedly while this was on my list of things I’d dream to have happen, this wasn’t my number one. That’d be a collaboration with Christina Aguilera. Listening to her and AJ have a vocal run off. Sigh. Maybe someday. But Britney was definitely in my Top Five. As it likely was with any one of you who like me, grew up in the 90’s. For those of you who may not have? Just know none of us ever thought this would happen. The fact it has is definitely a miracle in and of itself. That’s why so many of us are freaking out! Not to mention Britney was friends with NSYNC and of course dated Justin, so honestly the odds of this happen were at one point just left in the realms of fanfics and nothing more. 2020, man you are full of surprises.

Moving on.

The history of this song is interesting as well. Because from the looks of it, it’s the remnants of something in the vaults of both Britney and Backstreet. Now some of this is hearsay. There were rumors of this being a Max Martin track but that’s been debunked completely now that we have song credits. So again, remember that what I’m saying may not be true either, though I’m more likely to believe this. From what I’ve heard and things I’ve dug into on the song itself, this was a song that of course was supposed to be on Britney’s album Glory, hence why it’s now being put on her re-release of the album. Supposedly this song was offered to the Boys for DNA as well and was scrapped. Which, sounds right since the song is a few years old. Both parties recorded the song and so there’s solo versions (well a pure Britney version, and a pure BSB version) that exist out there somewhere. Something I’d love to hear, especially the BSB one if all this is true. Both artists are on RCA records and a few weeks ago Brian had mentioned having to lay down vocals for something Backstreet related. Maybe it was for the digital version?

The point I’m slowly getting to is that they mixed them together to create this piece of 90’s pop bliss from the Kings of Pop and one of it’s Queens.

I definitely have some questions of how this came to be. There was a leaked version a week or so ago that featured only AJ on the track. I believe that’s the version that made the vinyl releases of the album. The song we have on the streaming and digital platforms, I hear BSB on the harmonies and Nick has a short solo as well, not just AJ. So there’s definitely evidence leading to my theory above. Could be one of the early mixes or demos were what leaked. Who knows?  Either way, the official one is cleaner, better and a far stronger song.

I’ll say this though. This is definitely at the end of the day a Britney Spears song that features the Backstreet Boys. This isn’t like Let It Be Me or even God, Your Mama, and Me where the Boys dominate. It’s a Britney styled song right down to the heavy autotune. It’s a Britney song with BSB’s vocals on the track. I mean, that’s a bonus. But! I grew up as a fan of Britney’s. So that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s a fun bop and it’s something different from what the Boys typically do! Are the lyrics cheesy? Yes. But the beat is sensual and has this way of getting into your head. It’s a sexy song. To quote Robin Thicke when describing a certain crocodile…’I feel fully seduced right now‘ when I listen to Matches.  As much as I love BSB and adore their music, that typically isn’t the case for me when I listen to them. So I see it as a nice change. Plus honestly any new music right now is a shining light in the dumpster fire that is the year 2020. Would I go lighter on the autotune? Admittedly yes. In this case though it wasn’t a dealbreaker for me.

But I also know that’s not everybody’s thing.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Decide for yourself. You’ll likely listen once and then you’ll be bopping your head with it on repeat.

That’s what I’m doing!

Get the new song Matches, from Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears here!

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