Okay Nick, We Need You To Record All Your “Crocodile” Covers For Us

Hi there.

If you’re reading this that means Nick has finally been unmasked as the Crocodile on The Masked Singer.

What a shock.

Who would’ve guessed? Oh that’s right, the entire fandom!

I mean who else could’ve had this much sass and swag?

You can’t fool us Nick! Honestly as the season went on I realized I needed to write this even though I know I’ll have to update it and tweak it until he’s revealed. In fact I’m editing this yet again now that he’s going to be on the finale. But I’m thrilled about that because it means we get even more covers and even got a Christmas Song out of it! I mean it doesn’t compensate for the forever promised and delayed Backstreet Boys Christmas album, but you know, we’ll take what we can get in 2020. Now I don’t know if y’all have noticed this at all or have been watching the show like I have been (then again I watch every season) but, the Crocodile became a freaking fan favorite on the show. Which is actually a huge compliment to Nick. Because while I’m sure a few of the digital viewers might’ve guessed like we did that it was our Boy Nick, but since it’s not the same people watching each episode, I know that number of people had to be few. And they’re the ones who voted during the filming long before it actually aired. So that means his talent, his charisma, and his star quality managed to shine through on each performance despite being done up as a giant pink crocodile.

Basically it reminds you why Nick Carter is the star he is.

Did he win? No but I don’t care. They seem to get the winners wrong almost every season (except for when The Fox won). That’s not what matters. What matters here is that he was able to showcase how freaking talented he is. Did you not hear that cover of Open Arms tonight? I mean, holy shit!

Also, each week? His song choices were literally the best. He never once picked a bad song! Surprising choices? Okay yes. I’m not going to lie and say I thought Nick would manage to do a crazy good cover of Britney’s song Toxic. Who would? Rock songs? Anyone who’s a fan of solo Nick probably saw that coming. Our Boy has a rock loving heart. But one of the best things about him is that he’s a music lover. This is someone who loves all kinds of music. It’s always reflected both in the group and on his solo albums. He’s never been a one dimensional performer. He’s diverse as hell without trying which is what surprised the judges literally on his second song into the show. One week he goes full on rock? The next week he decides to go pop princess. And real talk I love when he went Britney. I’m pretty sure I need that cover to be recorded first because who knew we needed that in our lives before now?

Now in case some of you have been living under a rock this whole time, I’ll post the playlist of his performances here.

If you haven’t watched them before, do it. Do it now! Because I need you guys to rally with me and help me convince Nick to RECORD these songs for us! And you’ll see exactly why after watching. I want us to get the full songs and in studio quality. Can you imagine? I mean hell, I made an mp3 of his Silent Night performance and added it to my Christmas playlist because it was so freaking good. We can’t just let this sit. Nick if you manage to read this, do us a favor and record the songs! I need the Nick Carter versions! Are you really going to make us go without your covers of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, Bleeding Love, It’s My Life, Toxic, Silent Night and Open Arms? I mean come on, that final performance of one of Journey’s arguably best songs was SO good! Are you seriously going to make us wish forever that you recorded these?

I’d almost consider that cruel and unusual punishment if you do.

Okay yes, we’re getting a new album from you. Yes we’re getting your new single. I know this. Maybe we’re a bit greedy but to be fair, it’s been a long year. You know this just as much as anyone right? Isn’t that why you’re trying to get this album out? Because you know we need it? Maybe…maybe we need this too. Because it’s fun and shows another side of you. Fine, fine, so I’m justifying the fact we’re all greedy here. I know that too. I’ll own it.

But…please? Because you love us?

At least consider it.

Either way, just know we’re insanely proud of how well you did tonight and on every other episode of the Masked Singer. I know you couldn’t say anything before due to confidentiality agreements. But now that you can, we can’t wait to hear you talk about it. And we’ve loved the ride you’ve taken on this show. You made a giant pink crocodile look so good! And now more people can see, like we have all along, just how damn versatile and freaking talented you are. I know we ALL think that you should’ve won. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is the journey. So even if you don’t decide to record those covers (but please do!) know we’re proud and that we love you Nick. You’re amazing, crazy talented, and wonderful.

Can’t wait to see what’s next Nick!

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