Thank You For The Journey, Nick Carter

As you can probably tell, this post wasn’t planned.

So Nick, if you read this…just know it comes from the heart. Because it’s all true.

I feel a need to write this and when I get that feeling I’ve learned to go with it. While I’m typing, I’m listening to Nick’s solo albums on shuffle and you know what? Second Wind just came on. It sort of hit me how much the message of that song really fits the theme of what I’m writing. It’s about not letting the world get you down, to get back up and get your second wind. To rise again and keep going and maybe do better. Don’t let your heart bleed out, just let the sunlight in, that message has always been so poignant to me. It’s why it’s one of my favorite songs of his. We’ve all had those moments where we just need that second wind to get up, and try again. And I feel like in many ways this show and experience were one for you, Nick. 2020 has been a rough year for many of us. The world changed. You were supposed to be doing a world wide tour and instead, you were staying safe at home. Not to mention, we all know you’ve had your ups and downs over your life. We saw as you’ve strove to conquer them. Yet we also saw the way they would affect you to this day, when you did Dancing With The Stars. Life can be bumpy and you’ve even said on the show that it’s why you had to keep such a tough skin.

But watching you on The Masked Singer? It was almost like seeing another Nick.

Why? Because this was a Nick that used this to make peace with his past. You acknowledged it. You talked about how at times you felt like you couldn’t be yourself and that this was why this show felt so freeing for you. You talked about how parts of your past were toxic but that you needed to keep moving forward. We fans knew you have many aspects to your personality and to your talent. We knew you were never just some stereotypical idea of a “boybander” that so many hold you to. But even for us, watching you grow on each episode? It was a damn pleasure. We fans saw the difference it made in you. It was plain to see that you did in fact make peace with past mistakes. You were so joyful in creating again, whether it was something as simple as your Twitch streams or your excitement when you got back in the studio. We saw the inspiration come back hard, because that sort of thing radiates in someone who creates, no matter what art form it’s in. Your passion was back in full force which was something you never lacked, but it was here in a new way which had us even more excited.

Because this was a Nick that made us fans to begin with.

This was a Nick that stopped caring what people or the media thought. Something we love to see. Who cares what others think? What matters is what you think, what matters is what those who care about you think, like your little adorable “croc-lings”. We can easily see why you chose the songs you did. They all were you, each in a different way. And man, did you shine on every one. And while we know you tried to fool us, we saw you. Because only you could perform in such a sassy way, having so much fun and so much damn talent. Only you could manage to be so genuine on stage giving it his all, even behind that huge crocodile mask. I read your interviews where you said you felt you weren’t good enough as a solo artist. I think I speak for everyone when I say I am STUNNED that you ever thought this. The reason why you didn’t “blow up” is because you always bucked the trends. You did your own thing on each of those records. But talent? That was never the problem and we always loved that you didn’t trend chase and released the music you wanted to release. Your talent speaks for itself and I’m so glad this show has shown that to you. Because no one outside the fandom knew it was you. What they knew was this giant pink crocodile had a great voice, was vesatile beyond belief, and was one hell of a showman. That is what got you to the finale.

Who cares if you won or not? That was a win in and of itself, and far more important.

The world can now see what we’ve seen this whole damn time.

We can’t wait to hear 80’s Movie, and we definitely can’t wait for your solo album. Because it’s the music you want to create with all that passion that only you, Nick Carter can possess. We know how much you love the fans, how much you love what you do, and how much you love the music. That sort of quality is rare, honestly. I’ve been a fan of other bands and other singers, and honestly? None seem to really try as hard as you (and the Boys) do to show that. Whether it’s in person or even through something as simple as Twitter. Not only is your voice one of a kind, but you as a person are one of a kind Nick. Please know this. We’re so proud of you and your ability to keep growing, to keep openly sharing your journey no matter what it brings, and to use every opportunity you can to do so. Thank you for your passion, your drive, and your endless talents. Thank you for caring as much as you do about the music, the performances, the fans…everything

Thank you for being you.

That’s why we are fans, it’s why we stay fans, and it’s why we’re not going anywhere.

And we can’t wait to keep going on this road with you.

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