Nick Carter’s New Song “80’s Movie” Is A Musical Time Machine

For those who don’t know, Nick just released a new solo song. His first one since his All American album. He’s been working on an album as you should all know by now if you’ve been to this site before. If not, please feel free to get updated on it! Cause it’s been a fun journey. And then as I called back in October, Nick decided to release something right after his unmasking. I told you guys he’d have a plan. That’s simply how he rolls and I kind of love him for it.

But let’s get to why you’re here. Because you’re here to learn about his new song. Have you checked it out yet? You need to. In fact I’ll even help you out by dropping the link for you! Handy, am I right? In typical Nick fashion, we’re treated to a romance song. Yet what makes this one so different is that this song is a true tribute to what we all know is his favorite decade, the eighties. I get that. It’s like why my favorite decade is the nineties. This isn’t an in your face kind of song. It’s mellow, like you feel like you’re listening to a soundtrack which is part of what makes it so perfect. The vocals? They’re absolutely sublime. Nick’s always had a gift for knowing how versatile his voice is and how he wants to use it and this song is no exception to that rule. His voice is better than it’s ever been.

It picks up after a nice calm start, and you can really hear him use his vocals and show off his strengths. I really feel like I’m brought back in time on this one. I’m thrown back to days where my mom, who raised me on eighties movies, had me watching them with her. It has that sort of epic vibe to it. You almost feel like you’re at the climax in a…as cheesy as it sounds, eighties movie.

Lyrically it’s not overly cheesy. It’s a song really made for 2020. A song that can bring you back to happier times and yet also manages to reflect the dark and light of this life changing year. I’ve had this on repeat my entire lunch break (yes I’m writing this at work) and I already have my favorite set of lines.

Where’s the happy ending?
When I’m the only candle in the dark
I’m done pretending
Just fast forward right to my favorite part
We’ll save the world from right here in your car
Just like teenage movie stars

Then you came and saved me
Baby, right on time
Like an 80s movie
With the classic lines
Now we’re dirty dancing
All through the night
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Like an 80s movie
Starring you and I
Oh, oh, oh, oh
I never want this night to ever end
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Tell me that it’s just the beginning
Of an 80s movie
Starring you and I

I wish this was a different time as I know he’d be able to come up with the perfect music video for this. Filled with the cheesy retro goodness this song absolutely dieserves. But it’s okay. Because right now? Nick managed to give us the perfect song for these times, and help us survive this year. This song makes me smile. It makes me happy and what else can I ask from him musically? Absolutely nothing. And I know one thing, I absolutely am hyped to see what he has planned for the rest of his upcoming solo record.

Make sure you check out 80s Movie, out now!

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