The TDS and Forever Rebel Merch Shop

Hey guys.

So this wasn’t my next planned post but, life as you know has been crazy for me. This is another personal post and I’m honestly upset that I need to do this, but one thing I learned over the years is that I need to ask for help when I need it. I’ve always struggled in doing that and tend to basically internalize, handle it on my own, and then tell people after it’s over what happened. But I can’t do that this time.

As most of you know, my dad has stage four terminal cancer. He’s currently on hospice care and, I don’t know how much longer he has. My sister is helping me as much as she can but after he passes, there’s expenses we’ll need to pay for. So I decided to come up with the idea of a merch shop. I’ve had ideas for this sort of thing for years, cute ideas I wanted to see come to life, but I’ve always been torn on actually doing it. But I liked the idea of a shop so you guys can get cute things and I can raise the support money we’ll need. Starting it now because I hope to get some real traction going on it, and give myself time to raise the money.

There isn’t much there yet, just a few ideas I was playing with. Gemma, my co-mod at the TDS forum and who helps me run the Twitter is going to design a few items. Karah, over at BSBFangirls, is planning on sending me some designs as well. Soon, I hope to really grow the shop into something fun despite the cause being what it is. I don’t know if I’ll keep it open after I get the money I’ll need for my father’s funeral. Probably not. Unless I decide after that point that any future funds will go to charity. I’m not against that idea either. But for now, full disclosure, all the profits are going to go to helping me pay for my dad’s funeral after he passes, whenever that day arrives.

I appreciate you guys checking it out and all the support I’ve gotten so far. Some have asked how to support me directly and if you’re interested in doing that…DM me on my personal Twitter @ForeverRebel, though you do not have to do that and I’m not asking that. I did see others say they wanted to possibly contribute designs, if that’s the case DM my personal account. I’d love to see it. I know there’s loads of talented people in this fandom.

Whatever this store turns into, I’m looking forward to seeing it grow. Hopefully you guys like the many ideas to come to fruition on the shop that’ve been bouncing about in my head.

Coming soon will be a “reimagining post” where I talk about something I’d love to see BSB do.

And talking about the music in general.

Thanks again guys.

Update 2/20: They’re giving my dad days at best, so I started a gofundme since things spiraled faster than I ever thought they would. Any help would really be amazing.

Update 2/22: He passed away today. Again any help you can give would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you guys for everything. After I no longer need help, I think I’ll leave the merch shop open and donate to charity. Possibly Cure4Kids since it’s a local Vegas charity that Nick helps out with. We’ll see once things get to that point.

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