Tracking The Ever Elusive Backstreet Boys’ Christmas Album

It’s…the beginning of May and I’m listening to It’s Christmas Time Again. Mainly to put me in the mood as I put together this post. I waited on this one, longer than I normally do when it comes to music news. Part of me feels bad about that, but in my defense, this long rumored Christmas album has been talked about for YEARS upon YEARS man. With that, I wanted to wait till things felt like they were actively in motion for this album. And you know what? I do now! I have hope, people!

So you know, you should too!

All the fans have ever wanted (well okay, not ALL but this was high on the list) was a Christmas album. After the Boys released It’s Christmas Time Again? That need only increased. When they started teasing the idea…we just wanted it that much more. But it’s like I said, we’re getting solid news about the recording of the album. It’s finally happening! Mainly…due to covid. Because had it not been for Covid, the Boys would likely be busy touring. But we can’t dwell on what could’ve been.

We first started getting news from Howie, back in March when he was being interviewed about a real estate project. They’re supposed to be gathering together where there’s actual snow to get in the Christmas spirit. That is some fanfic type stuff and I’m here for it. Go find a cabin in the woods, Boys!

PS – Howie, the song It’s Christmas Time Again came out eight years ago, not four haha.

The highlights basically, were that as of March they were in pre-production. Meaning? They had the songs they wanted to record already. When they do come together they’ll probably sort out who sounds good on what, maybe record some things, and maybe record from home too. That part is still hard to tell.

Then AJ spoke up last month in April. He mentioned they’ll be working with Tommy Brown, who’s produced music for Ariana Grande, Kanye, Jennifer Lopez, Black Eyed Peas, TI, and Pitbull. Just to name a few. They’re getting top notch people here. I don’t know if it’s because of RCA or their resurgence the last few years. All I know, is that damn it’s good to be a Backstreet Fan…and a Backstreet Boy.

“We want to make a timeless album that will live on like Mariah Carey’s song and we’ve talked about working on new music beyond that,” says McLean. “Tommy’s a freakin’ genius, so hopefully we’ll develop a great relationship and do more music with him.

And recording? That starts this month! You can check out the full interview with AJ here.

More confirmation? Nick stated in his Twitch stream yesterday (April 30th) that soon he’ll have to leave to go work on the Christmas album. It’s happening. It’s really happening. The cynic in me about this project shall not rise. Now, as we get more updates, if any…I’ll be adding them below with the dates of when we get them. But this is what we have so far. I’m absolutely ready for a fun, but forever timeless Christmas album.

Hell…even Nick singing Silent Night on The Masked Singer made me squeal.

Tis the season!


Update May 5th – They started recording! (Per Nick on Twitch he got in trouble for sharing this information on Instagram…yeah I laughed too.)

Update May 8th – AJ apparently can post TikToks of them altogether though? (Yeah I’m confused too but happy for the content!)


It’s happening y’all. We be singing over here. Let’s go!

♬ original sound – AJ McLean

Update May 12th – No new actual news but Rochelle is GUSHING about the album and…yeah we’re excited.


Stay tuned and check back for more updates!

What song would you want to see them do for the Christmas record?

3 thoughts on “Tracking The Ever Elusive Backstreet Boys’ Christmas Album

  1. I really hope they do an all acappella version of Silent Night. That’s my favorite Christmas song and I need that with a BSB twist.


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