All My Thoughts About AJ’s “Love Song Love” As a Song and Music Video

I wanted this typed up sooner but real life happens. And honestly? I also wanted to talk about this after giving this some real thought because this video really touched my heart despite being a very happy, upbeat and inclusive video. There’s a lot to really talk about here and I plan to in this post. For those who may not know, I’ve been a hardcore, active ally to the LGBTQ community for some time now. I’ve protested before gay marriage was legal, in fact I almost got arrested once facing off against some Westboro church members who were counter protesting. My cousin, who’s more like a little brother, is gay and many of my friends are gay, lesbian, bi or transgender, so it’s a cause I’m very very passionate about.

So you can imagine how THRILLED I was when I saw everyone buzzing about this new music video, before I’d even had a chance to watch it yet. AJ is probably the most outspoken about this specific cause in the group, though all of them at one point or another have shown their support to the community – even showing it in the In A World Like This video, if you guys remember. Lately AJ has been doing Instagram Lives with members of the transgender community. He’s probably the biggest ally of the group, really. Not to mention he’s always been a great example of how a man can be feminine but still masculine, the beautiful opposite of toxic masculinity.

A video like this one should be a surprise to no one.

But let me back up and talk about the song first. It seems AJ as he’d said in recent interviews back when he was still doing Dancing With The Stars that he wasn’t doing country anymore. This song is definitely a contrast to previous singles like Boy and a Man, or my personal favorite of those sessions, Night Visions. This song to me? It sounds like a Backstreet Boys song, if you want the undiluted truth from me. Like literally I was waiting for Nick to jump on the next verse as he typically does in the setup for most of their songs. But that isn’t a bad thing. Because being a Backstreet Boy is a lot of who AJ is, he’s been one for twenty eight years, so of course that influences his solo work. The same way it does for Nick, Howie, or whoever.

The song has me smiling, It had me smiling before I even saw the video. I was listening the moment I got off work last night with this grin on my face because it’s just that song that has you bopping your head as you walk down the street, wanting to say hi to people as you walk by. It gives you warm fuzzies and happy vibes. I love those kinds of songs and it’s the kind of thing we need in a covid world, especially as we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to vaccinations. I think the song itself is coming at the perfect time, it feels right.

Lyrically speaking it’s actually a bit adorable. Obviously it’s a love song but it’s about wanting the kind of love you always hear about in love songs. Which I mean, being sung by a Backstreet Boy makes it even cuter. Because man if that group’s songs didn’t make me have insanely high standards for guys over the years. I can’t be alone in this, right? I mean, they did promise many times that they’d never break our hearts. So of course we all want that love song kind of love. It’s like I just said, Love Song Love is just a really good feeling song. Many people like to say that kind of music is fluff, but to me? That’s always been a load of crap. Music makes me feel. It’s why I love it as much as I do, even if I’ve never been musically inclined myself. It’s an escape, a way to feel good when you just don’t want to feel down anymore.

Bless AJ for coming through with a song that makes me feel that way.

I suppose that’s why it’s perfect that AJ uses this video to promote inclusivity within the music video for this song. The two women with him, are transgender and beautiful, wonderfully playing their roles as they basically seem to celebrate life within the video. The concept to me, is pretty simple and for Love Song Love, it’s perfect. Because this doesn’t need something deep or mysterious or complicated. This is a video that is what it is, and encourages you to smile, dance along, and accept others for who they are. I can’t say enough how much I love AJ for doing this. For using his platform in whatever ways he can to promote acceptance, to allow people to be whoever they feel they are inside no matter what people think.

It couldn’t be more beautiful if he tried.

Never change AJ. Like seriously. You’re a damn gem.

As a side note, between him, Nick, and Kevin’s infamous pink pimp coat?

I officially declare pink to be the new color of Backstreet.

Make sure you get AJ’s single Love Song Love here!

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