We Would Sing at the Drop of a Dime…(Happy Anniversary Backstreet Boys)

Way back when nothing else mattered
Oh, I know we’ve changed but
Change can be so good
So let’s not forget why it’s understood that…

Look where we are
And what we’ve been through

Sharin’ our dreams
Time goes on and on everyday
Time is what it is

Come what may

To be honest, I think time has had a lot for us during the past year and a half. Nothing was like we thought it’d be back on the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Backstreet Boys. Where a “lockdown” meant only mere weeks. But it didn’t and we’re still here though thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to patience, time, vaccines and honestly, hope. Everyone has had their own struggles, myself included. Hardships none of us saw coming, a lot of pain and struggle to be honest have challenged us in 2020 and even now in 2021. So what does this have to do with the twenty-eighth anniversary of the Backstreet Boys?

Honestly? Everything.

Because they were our safe space. They were that thing that made us smile no matter what. When I lost my father back in February, I’ll be honest…I had Breathe on over and over again on repeat. Because the lyrics and message lifted me up in a way nothing else could. Last year when we were all stuck in quarantine? It was AJ on Dancing With The Stars or Nick whether it was his Twitch streams, or his stint on The Masked Singer, making us smile. It was all five Boys managing to sing I Want It That Way over freaking Zoom, so damn well that people thought it was faked over or lip synced.

Those moments mean more than those Boys will ever know. The minutes where they thank us for coming to VIP or gift a rose (or underpants) to a one of us in a crowd full of fans having the time of our lives. The hugs, the jokes, the way they tease us on and off stage. The little moments, like the selfies, or the tweets, the time taken out of their day on their downtime to give back to fans. All of that, we’ll never stop appreciating them. Especially now after a year where much of that has been taken away.

I don’t claim to speak for the entire fandom. I’m just a girl with a blog who loves to write and loves the Backstreet Boys. That’s all I ever claimed to be. But that said, I’d like to think I speak for all of us now when I say we’ll never be able to state the exact amount of love and joy these five men have brought into our lives. We’ve all made lifelong friendships that never would’ve existed if not for this group. There’s places I probably never would’ve gone if not for this group. This group for me personally, created as Sara from WHOTB once coined, a “fan-mily” and I love that term. Because that’s what it’s been for me, dysfunctional as we get sometimes. It’s a feeling of family I get at both my highs and my lows in this fandom and for that I’m eternally grateful.

For others, this group has gotten them out of depressions, it inspired them to do better. Whether it was AJ’s struggles, or Nick’s low points, and their perserverance…not to mention determination. Or the fact that Kevin and Howie had their own personal losses and came through it okay. Maybe Brian’s health issues inspired you to never give up. Or maybe they were a constant for you in a world of change that helped you remember that eventually, things will be okay again. It doesn’t matter what they are to others, what matters is what they are to you. Whatever the reason, I’m thankful they are. Because it’s a source of joy or light that we all deserve. They have touched so many damn lives, millions upon millions, and that kind of thing is precious and deserves to be treasured.

I’m so thankful for the music, and all the memories. They mean so much to me, especially now.

So if Nick, AJ, Kevin, Howie, or even Brian happen to read this? We’re forever thankful for coming together that fateful date in April of 1993. Thank you for not giving up. We’re so happy you never broke up. We’re happy you’re all still together and that the bond y’all have runs deeper than we realized. Thank you for all that you do – the things we know about, and the things fans could only guess at. Thank you for fighting on. Thank you for being all of who you are.

We miss all of you so much.

We’re anxious for the day we can tell you so in person again.

But until that day, it’s your music that helps ride us through.

We Love You Boys.

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