Living It Up At The After Party!

So I started this review last night and I actually had to delete it and start over.

Also shoutout to my girl Carrie for taking the above photo.

I’m glad I did though because this show? It’s absolute insanity. And we have Joey Fatone to thank for that apparently, as they said he was the one who pitched the idea at the second soundcheck party. It came up after the infamous BackSync event. Man, that whole mashup is the gift that keeps on giving. Who would’ve guessed? I already talked about VIP on my Nick blog if you’re interested. So no need to talk about that here.

Anyway, spoilers, obviously for anyone not wanting to know. Leave the post now.




Okay, I’m spoiling!

So at the start they encourage you not to record. Not because they’re trying to keep the show secret but so that everyone is more focused on enjoying the show. If you follow me on any of my socials you’ll see I obviously cracked. But on night one not until the show was more than halfway over. Tonight I wanted the songs I didn’t get. But really that’s probably all I’ll do. Tomorrow I have second row center and I’ll just vibe and live my best life. There’s not many phones out and about and it’s pretty nice. Second, most people kept their mask on! I was impressed. More Thursday than Friday but still, that was nice too.

Then you’re waiting for the music to start and next thing you know, you see a Nick, AJ, Wayna or Joey walking through the crowd singing NSYNC’s song Pop. Tonight I was on NIck’s side. Now I’ve never been the biggest fan of that song, but it’s funny what you enjoy when your favorite’s voice is on it. Once they’re on stage finishing that up they immediately jump into Boys II Men’s Motown Philly.

Basically from the jump you’re in a party. Now I’m not going to break it down into every song they do. First off because that seems tedious and second? It DOES vary! There were songs they did tonight they didn’t do on night one, and vice versa! Now there’s definitely songs they seem to stick to but I love that they swap some things around. Makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth by doing all four shows like a crazy person. (It helps that I live here in Vegas right? Makes me less crazy?)

One thing I DO have to talk about is this. Right here. By the way I’m posting most of my videos on my socials and definitely on my Forever Rebel TikTok so follow that if you haven’t already. Jokingly I’d made a request for Nick to somehow add the song Toxic to the show. I never thought it’d actually happen. But happen it did…

God help me I love that so much. I don’t even know why I do. But I do. Intoxicate me indeed. Okay. Okay. I’m okay. Moving on, each night they have special guests. And yes it does change up. Luis Fonsi (fantastic latin singer but he’s most known these days for Despacito.) has been there for both nights. Tonight’s guest was Shawn from Boys II Men. Talk about dreams coming true. AJ was literally fanboying.

Each show seems to be getting crazier than the last. They joke around, they bust each other’s balls. Stories are told. There’s spins on songs we’ve known forever as they sing each others songs. They cover other songs you’d never normally hear them do. There’s covers of TV show themes even. They’re embracing all of who they are and who they’ve been throughout their careers with no apologies about it.

There’s beautiful, vocally stunning moments like the ones above. (Which also end up hilarious because Joey’s screwing around during them.) And then there’s others where they end up just going balls to the wall enjoying the stage and all the energy it brings. Because where else would you have Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Joey Fatone, Wanya Morris, Luis Fonsi and Shawn Stockman all on stage singing their hearts out to Locked Out Of Heaven?

Absolutely nowhere.

And that’s why this show is so special. You don’t know what’s going to happen, or who’ll be there. Hell, I’m hyped to see what random performer will show up on stage tomorrow. I’m wondering if they’ll all sing different songs with the special guest again. All I know is that I’ll be in a crowd, surrounded by people who are as happy to be there as I am…

Living my best damn life.

And it’s worth every damn penny.

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