A New Fandom Home – Check Out The New BSB FC!

I know I’ve been quiet. For that, I’m sorry. I’m literally in the middle of transitioning jobs. Good-bye retail! (Thank God.) The hecticness is absolutely supposed to hopefully calm down this week. Then I have several half done posts I actually plan on completing. As well as other commitments (if you see this Julie and Dee, I haven’t forgotten, sorry!). Plus, obviously I’ll be posting videos from the Vegas shows literally only two weeks away!

But let’s talk about my other main distraction, the new BSB Fan Club! The place has been completely redone with fan connection at the forefront. It’s a nice change considering they nixxed the forum before. Now, I’m old school. I got my start in diving into fandom by moderating the TDS forum. The new layout is this really cool hybrid of social media and message board, pretty perfect for a fandom dominated by Millennials, am I right?

It makes it easy to meet new fans, with all these spaces for everything you can think of. Not to mention you can do a group chat with up to fifty people. We all know that BSB events takes a lot of planning and this makes it easy to do that with new people from all over. I’ve been critical of past iterations of the fan club, but so far I’m digging the feel of this new one. I want a page that engages, to give reasons for joining besides pre-sale codes you know? So far it’s looking good.

One of the biggest complaints people had in the past is buying a membership that commits you for a full year. Well, they’ve catered to that where you can do a month-by-month or a year. Whatever suits you best. With the monthly, you can cancel at any time with the monthly setup since we’re in a pretty weird world. (Sorry. Sorry. I couldn’t help it.) There’s also contests already where you can win free swag just for posting.

Honestly it’s nice to have a space all our own again that isn’t limited and I’m happy to see where it goes. Hopefully I’ll be seeing y’all there too. Everyone should have gotten invites by now and if you still had time on your old membership, it carries over. Hit me up if any issues pop up. As always, I’m here to help.

You can check out the new Fan Club here!

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