The Boys Are Back!

Hi, my name is Rose and I’m addicted to Backstreet.

(Hi Rose!)

Basically I’m here to talk about the past two weekends where the Boys rocked the stages right here in Vegas. Because of course I went both weekends to all four shows. I’d told myself two shows and honestly it snowballed into all four and I’m really not that sorry about it. And I’m pretty eager to talk about it since I’m literally writing this on my lunch using my mobile hotspot from my new job. That and guilt because I know I’ve been slacking while rearranging my life choices.

Was the show absolutely perfect? I wouldn’t say that. The Boys themselves wouldn’t either. AJ forgot lyrics to Incomplete one night. Kevin cried at two out of four of the shows. Something I found to be super endearing because it reminds all of us how grateful he is to be here, to be back on stage, and to be alive. Because these were the first BSB shows after covid-19 changed all of our lives. None of us are the same people we were back in 2019, no matter what your experiences were. And that applies to the Boys as well. Remember, they’re just as human as the rest of us.

The shows were incredible however. All the little moments were things might go a little sideways, all the instances where mistakes could be made, all the nuances that remind you that everything is live. The shows? They were a celebration. While none of us are the same, we’re still here. They’re still here. They acknowledge the fact that DNA was new back when the tour first originated but isn’t so much anymore because the pandemic got in the way. Their energy on stage was electric. You could feel that they’d been waiting anxiously to get back to us, to be traveling yet again. You could feel it in the crowd too. On opening night fans were just happy to be there. Because let’s face it, at one point we were wondering if we ever would be.

And I think that’s going to carry on as they travel around the world. Because those of you who couldn’t come to Vegas? Never fear. It’s real. It happened. And that means barring anything crazy (which I mean, after 2020, we learned can happen) they’re on their way. Touring is back. They’re back.

And honestly? It’s beautiful.

Has the show changed at all? I keep getting asked this and I’d say slightly. For the most part it’s the tour that got postponed. But there’s a few slight differences in choreography during a couple songs, a few costume differences. That’s about it. And with me, that’s totally fine. Though…hey Boys if you WANTED to decide to sing the entirety of Passionate instead of just a snippet…I would literally give you extra money.

(Think about it!)

For those wondering about VIP? It was just as wonderful as always. I think they were as happy to see us as we were to see them. I know nothing has been announced officially yet. Things can change so as of right now there isn’t VIP for the tour. For now. Far as I know, their team is working on the logistics of it now that it’s gone so well here in Vegas. Because remember y’all, the pandemic might be more managable now, but it’s still a thing. Nothing is as simple as it used to be.

But, if it does happen, know that the Boys are just as kind and great as before.



After the past two weekends, I can’t wait to travel around in just a month and a half. I ran into many of you just these past two weekends! I loved it. People I hadn’t seen in two years! It’s not just us reuniting with the Boys themselves. We’re reuniting with each other as a fandom too! We were basically a long distance fan-mily for the past two years and now we’re back together. There’s nothing better than being in a crowd with everyone there for the same reason, watching them all sing along to your favorite band. There’s just a wild energy to it that I’m addicted to just as much as I am the Boys.

I’m happy to see it all return.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to the DNA World Tour yet, what are you waiting for? Just click here!

One thought on “The Boys Are Back!

  1. I got to see the tour pre Pandemic, and even though I couldn’t afford VIP and I was basically looking at the side of the stage, it was still worth it! Having only had the privilege of seeing them one time before back in 2013 for the In A World Like This Tour, hearing them play tons of the old hits before going into the new music was the absolute best!!!! I’m honestly jealous that you could afford VIP and to see them at 4 different shows that close together, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see Vegas for myself. But Alabama is a long way from there. So it’ll remain on my bucket list for now.


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