Things Fans Want To See For Backstreet Boys’ Thirtieth Anniversary

So I realize it’s not 2023 yet.

And to be fair, I didn’t exactly get inspired by an article this time. No, no,. This one, I’ll admit is selfishly motivated. But hey in my defense, the North American leg of the DNA World Tour is officially over. Wild to think about, isn’t it? During the pandemic it felt like it’d never happen. During the tour it felt like it’d never end. Now the Boys will be heading overseas so in the meantime while waiting for a Christmas album to gush over (because you know damn well I plan to review it) you know what’s on my brain?

The next era.

But Rose, isn’t it a little soon?

Nope! I don’t think so. If we start asking now, maybe it’ll happen? I’m idealistic okay!

Besides, they’re not working on a new album yet because yes, I have faith we’ll get more. That means the next really big thing besides A Backstreet Christmas is the anniversary. Which, I mean holy shit y’all. They’re coming upon thirty years. In the background I have the BSB Documentary playing, which was ringing in the twentieth. And here we are, ten years past. I feel like the Boys need to go big with this. And while yes I’m still ABSOLUTELY pleading for unreleased songs to be part of that? This one is about the events they can do. So let’s go!

A Las Vegas Residency

I promise I’m not saying this because I live here. Having them centered in one place is just easier. It’s easier for fans because they can do multiple shows without hopping around from city to city. Something I did actually for the first time this city and legit, I have to give props to fans who’ve done this for years. It’s crazy! The logistics, the costs, and the energy. Mind you, totally worth it. But it’s a lot easier to coordinate meetups when they’re here. Not to mention, it’s easier on the Boys too. They have families, they have little kids. It’s definitely stable and easier to have the best of both worlds. Vegas loves the Boys, and it’d be amazing.

A mini run of shows just for the hard core fans.

Hear me out. I call it, the Deep Cuts shows. You only get tickets through raffles on the fanclub. Basically you win the chance to buy your tickets. A limited run. Like I’m talking five shows tops. No singles on the set list. Instead we get songs we’ve either never heard live or we rarely hear. Songs like Like A Child, Feels Like Home, Soldier, No One Else Comes Close, Shining Star, Missing You, Nobody But You, Roll With It, If You Want It To Be Good Girl Get Yourself a Bad Boy, Everything But Mine, If I Knew Then... You get the idea. The way they advertise it? “The Show Where We’re Not Singing I Want It That Way“. Now I know the ticket logistics might be complicated. But I’m sure it’s possible. And how cool would this be to see?

A Fan Event

Again, raffle off tickets to attend. It’s a Q&A with questions chosen by the fans. Basically picture a cruise event where the Boys are shooting the shit. If it’s a little too wild to not have them submitted in advance? Fine, have all the invites get the forms to fill out online, and ask JoJo Wright to host. Make it a celebration of the Boys, of their career, and of the fandom itself. They did something along these lines for the 20th, and so I know it’s possible here.

LIVESTREAM the above three ideas

That way everyone is included. Not everyone can go, and this is an easy fix.

A Box Set of Unreleased Concerts on Blu-Ray/4K

We know the footage exists. Pair it with the Anthology Album idea. Millennium, Black and Blue, Never Gone…the Vegas residency, we know they exist on film! Trust me on this, fans would buy the shit out of it. Release it.

Individual Fan Events

Leading up to the anniversary/shows/Q&A/whatever the main event is, have each Boy (including Kevin, haha. No hiding in the woods this time!) do their own events. One night it’s NIck, next night Howie, AJ, etc. Each doing their own thing tailored to them. Make it a Backstreet week if it’s at all possible. Again, thirty years is a BIG DAMN DEAL and so yes I realize I’m dreaming massively big but hey, go big or go home!

A New Documentary

This one is unlikely I realize, but I’d love to see them do a take on everything that’s changed since the last one. I mean the last one was of them starting over in a sense, creating music for the first time as five since 2004, and their first time on their very own independent label. A lot has changed since them. It’d be great to see them really sit down, talk about it. Show them preparing for their anniversary, delve deeper than the original documentary did. Shit, if that’s too much do a YouTube series! That would also work.

Now, these are just ideas I’ve either seen fans float or have been stewing in my brain for a hot minute. If you guys suggest anything in the comments that I find to be absolutely brilliant, I will definitely dive into this post and update it. Because I’m passionate about our Boys, about this fandom, about all these beautiful ways we can celebrate. Because this is just as much celebrating us as it is them. We’ve been on this crazy ride with all these insane ups and downs. But we’re here, we’re thriving and I can’t wait till next year to see what happens. Let’s dream big!

Boys, if you happen to see this…just think about it?

3 thoughts on “Things Fans Want To See For Backstreet Boys’ Thirtieth Anniversary

  1. Love your ideas! Not a fan of the Vegas Residency though! For all of us fans from the rest of the world that’s a big “No no”. Most of us wouldn’t have the opportunity to see them live. And yes, streaming events are awesome, but incomparable to the live ones! Hopefully they’ll do something really special for their 30th Anniversary!


    1. The residency comes from hearing that the Boys want it, and their clear desire for them to be more in one location. And actually I’ve seen a lot of fans desire it.

      The thing is, whatever events they do, not everyone will be able to attend. So I’m trying to stay semi realistic


  2. I think if they do a Vegas residency there needs to be two. Regular songs, and then a Christmas special for a month.

    I actually talked to Howie about this one, an acoustic tour. One where they go to small theaters and play acoustic with some a capella as well. He said that it has come up in conversation before and they would be interested in doing it. Without a huge production they could probably fit more shows in as well.


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