How Fans Can Support Nick, and Honor Aaron Carter.

I don’t think I’m saying anything new when I mention that Aaron Carter passed away yesterday. Originally I had no plans to post about it. It felt wrong to.  Still does. And so I’m not diving into that. There’s a lot that could be said, but in the end it’s heartbreaking that he’s gone far too soon. 34 is way too young.

Like many of you, I want to do something. Anything. I hurt for Nick, for Angel, for Aaron’s baby son. We all grew up watching Aaron. We want to support Nick but for many of us we’re not there overseas, we’re not able to see him. And even if we did, there’d be a loss for words. Then it came to me.

Nick is a massive advocate for mental health. Aaron is someone who was lost due to the demons that come with mental health problems and addictions. There’s no one to blame here. No hidden meanings.

So here’s what I suggest.

I want all of us who can, to donate to the three charities below in Aaron’s name. A tribute to him, and it’ll be our way of supporting Nick.  Many of you agreed that one should be “On Our Sleeves” that helps children with Mental Health. It’s one that Nick has personally talked about and one that the Boys as a group helped raise money for this year.


The other is one my friend Amber, who works in the mental health profession recommended to me  works with teens concerning that of  Mental Health, Bullying, and issues concerning Drugs called “Teen Link”.


One that I got tagged in that I think fits incredibly well is this one. “Key Changes Music” which according to the website, promotes positive mental health & wellbeing through music. Their programmes support the recovery of musicians & music lovers from depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, psychosis, & other mental health conditions.” So I highly encourage you to consider this one as well.


There’s other souls out there who need resources like this and it’s a beautfiul way to give a tribute to someone who wasn’t what the drugs and mental conditions turned him into. Someone who was bright and talented at his best with a lot of potential. And if you know someone who is struggling, please reach out to them. Let them know they’re not alone. In the end you can’t help unless they want the help, but you can make sure you give them the right resources for the day that they hopefully do decide.

UPDATE: Nick posted on Instagram about an Official Fund created in Aaron’s Memory at “On Our Sleeves” 

Click here to donate directly to the fund.


If you guys have other charities, link them below. There’s never too many. 


3 thoughts on “How Fans Can Support Nick, and Honor Aaron Carter.

  1. Another charity suggestion
    Movember fundraisers are a global community of fired up Mo Bros and Mo Sisters – aka rock stars making a difference in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

    Your donation could help save a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a partner, a man’s life.


  2. Thanks. As soon as I can I’ll donate. I was one of the lucky ones who knew Aaron. He was so kind and so charming, and he lit up every room he entered. I am creating a film in his memory and for mental health awareness….if I can get the funding to do so.


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