Backstreet Boys Go Nostalgic With the “Christmas In New York” Music Video

So the Boys dropped a new music video on us today! I mean like we haven’t been completely overloaded in content lately. right? But I wasn’t sure what to think about it when Nick described it back in October. He just said they’d be there in claymation. And while many of us are familar with the animation style, what kind of music video would that be? And not to mention given the kind of jazzy blues song that Christmas In New York is, it had many fans curious and maybe even a little confused.

I grew up on claymation specials. Every holiday long after I got past my childhood, I’d watch Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa each with their own shows in claymation with my dad every year up until the year he passed. It was tradition. Watching this music video felt like I was sitting back on my couch with him. The claymation is absolutely timeless in it’s design. I know some might say it’s not exact but no animation is.

Besides in this style Nick’s 90’s curtain hair lives on, which in itself is a blessing I say.

I said back on my post about the album itself that Christmas In New York feels like it belongs in a romantic holiday movie, and I stand by that. The music video really caters itself to that as well. It tells the story of each Boy in the city during the holidays and hanging out together. Nothing complicated, just simplictiy in the picturesque idea of Christmas in New York City that we all know. The Boys appear in live action as well throughout, on billboards, TV screens, little ads on top of cabs driving by. It’s cute but really I don’t think I could imagine any other treatment for this song, which is weird considering how I questioned it a little at first.

It’s like the music video version of snuggling in a blanket with hot cocoa. You feel warm, content and find yourself smiling throughout. It’s well done, tugging at the heartstrings while also showcasing the Boys in what they do best, which is create beautiful melodies like this one. With Christmas In New York’s music video it’s more like they gave us a short film. feel like my new holiday tradition will be watching this, just like I do with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer every year.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can watch the new music video below!

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