Days of Thunder

You know one thing that’s helped keep me a fan for this long?

The way Backstreet Boys have this incredible ability to endure. The way they’ve climbed many hills. Like AJ’s battle with addiction, or Nick’s cardiomyopathy. The way Lou almost destroyed them when they were barely into their career. Or how about how after AJ got out of rehab, the media decided they weren’t worth giving a shot anymore?

I remember those days. The days where fans were mocked far more for just being a fan. The many ways where radio DJs would laugh at you for just asking them to play their new single. Or the years without Kevin, where barely anyone appreciated them and you have to just give that fake smile when people were like “oh they’re still together”?

The hiatus when they went on a break and no one knew if they would ever come back together. I could go on and on with endless examples of the challenges they’ve been thrown, the battles they’ve faced but then I’d be here all night.  The Boys have had some incredible highs and yes, some heartbreaking lows. But their ability to stand strong, a million strong through those days of thunder is why I’m still here. That inner strength that seems to radiate from each of them singularly and their unity as a group? It’s as beautiful as their harmonies.

And it’s something I like to remember now and again. We fans are like that too. We stand together, strong and proud. We support by sending love and light with grace and diginity. Just like our Boys. And we get rewarded when they come back at the top of yet another mountain. It’s somethig to behold, really. It makes me incredibly proud to be a fan of theirs. And I know, that they know, we’re always here no matter where the ride goes. I think they draw strength from that, too.

Because they’re so strong. It’s one of the top reasons, outside of their incredible talent, to love them. So it’s something to remember, and something to think about, I think. Because to quote one of my favorite BSB songs, and the tagline for this website…it’s always darkest before the dawn.

They survive, and then they thrive.
They always will.

3 thoughts on “Days of Thunder

  1. I first became a fan of the boys in 2001, and for years I didn’t really have anyway to keep up with what went on with them as far as online. So, through my 20’s, and now in my 30’s, I’m making up for that.
    I have to agree with what you said. the boys seem to be able to keep themselves up musicaly, unlike their other boy bands. I’ll have to check this song that you are talking about, as I’m not to up on their music that they have now.


  2. I guess you can say I became a fan in my late 40s it was after Kevin left. I discovered beautiful Melodie’s from a group of men dedicated to their craft and each other . I found the reason of their success- unity.
    I actually got to see Kevin sing at a UK football game. And again as a group I finally heard them sing live in Ohio. As I read about their lives, their struggles, their hardships and their success – everything clicked.
    Unfortunately for me I found fanfic rather late , but I read some incredibly written stories.And in those stories, I was introduced to each member and their growing families.
    So I guess I’ve come full circle, and thanks to millions of you who post, share, write and inspire I’ll be a fan for life!


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