Because We Believe In You Nick


So last Monday, we saw Nick’s confidence shaken a bit. He slipped and fell, the music caused him and Sharna to be behind…and nerves got to him. In a way I don’t think any of us in the Backstreet Army are accustomed to. We saw him tweet apologies to the fans. (Wait, what?! That was my reaction…) I saw the fandom immediately flood him with love and support. Because that’s what we do. We make sure Nick realizes nothing he does on Dancing With The Stars will disappoint us, as long as he tries his hardest. We’ll be proud of him no matter what. And on Tuesday, when the foxtrot that stunned us into silence over the poetry in motion that dance was…well I figured he may not need this post. So I dismissed the idea for a couple of days. The thing is, is that I realized maybe he does.

Why only give our love and support when Nick’s “down”? And really I don’t think any of us saw him that way. I think Nick saw himself that way. Confidence is everything. Whether it’s in life or on a dancing show I and some others might be hopelessly addicted to. The fact of the matter is, Backstreet Boy or not, Nick is human. He makes mistakes but he gets back up and does his damnedest to either rectify them or fix them. And that’s why many of us remain fans of him. Case in point, that Foxtrot. It was gorgeous and served to become an emotional piece for Sharna in honor of her family. It also became a “redemption” of sorts.

What caused me to go on about this was a line in a blog from one of the judges of Dancing With the Stars, Carrie Ann Inaba. She blogs every week on Parade and mentioned Nick as her pick for her favorite male dancer last week.

It wasn’t a terrible slip, but I was concerned it would hurt his confidence. I sense that Nick is a sensitive soul and this competition means a lot to him on a deeper level in his life journey.

And I think she’s dead on. Knowing this, as a fan, I reached out to the fandom. I wanted to give a voice for everyone who wished to, to offer their love and support for Nick. Not because we want them to win (though yes we’d like him to nab that Mirror Ball Trophy), but because we believe in him. Nick, if you’re out there reading this…we’re with you all the way. We know you’re completely capable of doing this. We have the utmost faith in your abilities. You’ve reached out and touched so many lives in your career. Most recently with your I Will Wait video.

We only wish to do the same for you.

Hey Nick,

The only advice and support I have for you is….listen to Sharna and ENJOY yourself!  Let go of all the worry and let her teachings and  your own talent take over.  You have the whole Backstreet Army standing behind you. WE know you can do it.  We are enjoying seeing you each week, what you have learned and bringing it all out to the dancefloor.  You are an EXCELLENT performer and its shining through in each dance you and Sharna do.  You couldn’t make us any prouder.  Even with popped buttons and slips and falls, you handle them with grace and  humility….and that is worth three 10’s in my book.  Good luck and remember, in our, the fans, eyes, you are already a mirror ball winner!!

Love, Jen ( @JennayHeartsNick )

Hey! I just wanna say to both Sharna&Nick, that no matter what happens in the competition, even if you don’t win (but lets hope for that) you have definetly the best chemistry out of all the couples on DWTS, so keep on training and dancing and killing us with your amazing moves! love from Finland #TeamSharNick – @Isabella_BSB


I am here in Brazil watching every single episode of DWTS and thinking about something that comes to my mind every episode: looking back, to all your career up to now, is amazing the ability you have to overcome yourself every time! Every time you have a new challenge, whatever it is, you give 200% of yourself. This is awesome and this inspires me a lot! This makes me so proud of being your fan… For 18 years!

So, I am here, supporting you, til the end, no matter where it is. I got your back! You are amazing and I love you so much! Bring this trophy home, baby!

Xoxo – Fernanda Patucci

You’re doing such a great job so far. I knew I was going to love you on DWTS, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting to cry by seeing you dancing…since I’ve been seeing you dancing a lot through the last 18 or 19 years.

For my surprise, I cried like a baby every time you entered that ballroom lol. ‘Cause I’m seeing you show to the world what we, your loyal fans, have always seeing in you, this great passion and humility you carry with you. Your willingness to challenge yourself and to learn everything you can is such an inspiration.

Most of all, I want you to have an amazing time through this experience and bring us that mirror ball at the end. We all know you’re ready for that and we got your back, always and forever, I hope you know that. Thanks for being this amazing guy who I am so proud to love and believe in.

-Camilla ( @camii_ni )

“Nick, you are a trooper! You make me want to try new stuff like finally taking those dance classes I’ve been wanting to take for a couple of years. But please do me one favor: Stop apologizing if you make a mistake like that slip up which happened. Maybe you don’t realize HOW proud we all are of you! If you win that or not – even though you’ve won me over years and years ago, you’ve won so many hearts!

I am so proud of you and wish I had your determination!

-Chrissy ( @WriteOnMySoul )


“I have danced some ballroom dances for a while, so I know how much fun this is, but it’s never easy. However, as far as I have seen you dancing, I have been enjoying this all. First cha-cha with the “backstreet move”, or I loved also jive, which is always very fast, but especially your and Sharna’s foxtrot. This was epic! So beautiful and touching, as I understand Sharna’s story a bit, as living far away from my family, too! 🙂 Anyways, you do this great! I believe in you and I’m so proud of you, Nick! Go for it! You really have deserved to win that mirror ball already! Voting and support you from Europe! And can’t wait to see more from #TeamSharNick!” – IIze ‏( @catsway )


Nick, just enjoy this journey and have a blast, the rest will come along! Supporting you always!
– Maayan Ben-Yakob, Israel ( @MaayanBenYakob )

Nick, never apologize to us for your performances again. All you’ve done is remind us again and again why we became such loyal fans of you to begin with. Win or lose, you’ll be doing right by us. No matter what happens to you in this competition know we’re behind you. Know that no matter what, we’re proud of you. It is impossible to disappoint us. You’ll make it to the end and we will do our best to make sure it happens by voting. If you don’t, that’s okay. But you will. We already know.

Because…we believe in you Nick.

We believe in you.

2 thoughts on “Because We Believe In You Nick

  1. As I watch Nick on DWTS, It makes me so happy to see how mature and fun and good natured and good hearted he has become over the years. And he doesn’t need to prove to us or apologize for anything. We can see it in his eyes and in his smile that he gives his all! He truly has been an inspiration for many people out there and as a fellow fan and after meeting NICK I can truly say, he is one of a kind, and the sweetest person you will ever meet! So I believe in my heart that with his dedication and persistance and determination he will NOT disappoint and take that MIRROR BALL TROPHY HOME! Maybe then he will realize that he is blessed and that he was given this opportunity for a reason to give him the encouragement and satisfaction and confidence in himself that he can do anything! We Love You Nick! You have made us proud! KTBSPA!


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