Dancing With The Stars: Switch It Up!

switchdwtsNo, that’s not our beloved Team SharNick in the fan-art I just made before coming in here to post. I’m sorry. Don’t mean to throw you off, but I did want to get your attention. So… I’m going to take about a minute to gush about how damn gorgeous Nick was last night and then I’ll focus on the point of this post. How amazing were Nick and Sharna! Holy shit! I didn’t know what to expect but that was beyond. BE-YOND. Okay? Like I got chills. I died. I got Titanic feels. Just, there were so many fangirl deaths crammed into one minute I didn’t know if someone could come back as a zombie a hundred times. And Nick breaking the glass. Never change, Nick. That was adorable. I cracked up. He was so stunned and shocked. You earned those scores Nick! We knew you had it in you!

Okay, moving on. I have to.

Next week is most memorable year. (Here’s hoping he picks 1999.) I want to talk about the week after. October 12th. Week Six. Because that is important. We need to get into vote mode again. (I know, so soon after elimination voting…) But I’m not kidding. This is serious. I’ve seen this MAKE OR BREAK good dancers. I kind of hate this week.

Week Six? It happens to be Switch Up Week.

I’m not sure why they created this week. I have theories but, yeah. I think it’s to test to see who’s truly become an adept ballroom/Latin dancer, and who’s gotten good only with their partner constantly supporting them. Who teaches well, and who doesn’t. That sort of thing. So in the next week (Voting ends October 5th) we’ll be voting on who we want to partner up the stars with. Yeah. That means one week where Nick is without our lovable Sharna. I’m sad too. So you gotta think about who you want him with.

Sara at What Happens On The Backstreet have been talking a lot about this. We knew this week was coming. We weren’t always a hundred percent sure when, but we knew it would. We discussed out of all the female pros, who would be best for our Nick? Because if a pro doesn’t teach right to suit Nick’s abilities, he could score low. If he scores low, he’s at that much more risk for elimination. See the issue?

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but Alek’s partner Lindsay? (In the pic at the top.) Have you SEEN what she’s done with Alek? It’s incredible. I was sure with his shyness and nae-nae video before the season started he’d only last a couple a weeks based on the fact he’s a true American hero. I was positive he wouldn’t be able to dance. Man. I was way off on that. But I think that’s more because of Lindsay. Notice how the judges praised her teaching abilities? If we can’t have Sharna, well, Sara and I agree we want HER.

How do we guarantee that? The Backstreet Army needs to unite and power vote him with her. How do vote for the switch up pairings? Once again, we’ve got you covered.

Taken straight from ABC’s website…

How does The Switch Up voting work? I really want to see my favorite Star with a new Pro!
The vote will take place via Twitter, so you’ll need a public Twitter account to vote on the new pairs. Any tweets from a private account will not be counted. You can pick your dream combo by voting at the The Switch Up page on ABC.com, or you can follow the guidelines for valid tweets found below. (The voting module on The Switch Up page on ABC.com will generate a valid tweet for you.)

And you can vote as often as you’d like until voting closes at 11 pm PT on MONDAY, OCTOBER 5.

To be valid, each Twitter vote must contain three consecutive parts: 

– The hashtag of “#DWTS”
– The Star’s first name
– The Pro’s first name. The Pro of the opposite gender who has not been eliminated yet. That Pro must also not be that celebrity’s original partner.

This means no trying to keep Nick with Sharna for that week. It’s a wasted vote!

So how will the Switch Up votes determine who gets paired with whom?

After voting ends at 11 pm PT on MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, we’ll rank the Stars based on the total number of valid votes they received from Twitter and from The Switch Up vote page at ABC.com—regardless of which professional partners the celebrity is paired with in those tweets. So, the Star named in the most Switch Up tweets during the voting period will get switched up first.

That Star will then be paired with the Pro of the opposite gender who was named most often in all eligible tweets for that celebrity (so long as they haven’t been eliminated and aren’t already partners with that person).

This means we need to spam the hell out of our twitters. You might want to apologize to any followers you have outside of the fandom in advance. Just because I’m pretty sure we’re all going to have really annoying tweets till the fifth. Consideration guys!

So make sure you vote at The Switch Up page!

Or tweet #DWTS Nick Lindsay as much as humanly possible.

I know we can do this if we’re united. So let’s get going!

Edit: I keep getting asked this so let me say, that as the name of the theme implies the switch up will last for ONE WEEK. After switch up week, Nick will be back with Sharna. Again, it lasts for ONE WEEK.

Check back next week where Jaclyn will be recapping once again! Sadly I (Rose) am stuck working. Thus going insane while tweeting for spoilers from work. It’s hard being a fangirl. I tell ya.

2 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars: Switch It Up!

  1. So in order to pair nick up with lindsay we also need to vote for her in the next episode richt? to make sure she is not eliminated 😉


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