AJ Wants The World To “Live Together” In His New Video!

CQlPDVAUwAEeVCWHave you heard about AJ’s album The Anthem due to come soon? If not, go ahead and check out our post covering everything we know about it and meet us back here. We’ll give you a few minutes. Done? Okay. Well while he said at Rolling Stone that this isn’t technically a single from the album, it’s definitely something. The video is thought provoking and not what people might have expected from our quirkier Backstreet Boy who also had a video about furries.

Go ahead and watch the video. The link is below, and tell us what you think! AJ’s single is also available to buy on itunes. So go buy it now if you haven’t already! 

One thought on “AJ Wants The World To “Live Together” In His New Video!

  1. Thanks for posting the link! I’ve been trying to find it so that I can share the video on Facebook separate from the article and have been having a hell of a time. It currently says the video is unavailable when I go through the link, but at least I know where to try again later. 😀


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