The Lost Videos: Boys Will Be…Bananas?

snapshot20151011150856What we have for you today is a promotional package video from 1995. Well, we think it’s from 1995 anyway. Some of these it’s simply hard to tell. So Hayley, our sharer of great classic media uploaded something new the other night and I knew it deserved a post. Once again, thank you for being so fantastic and sharing this stuff with the fans! This has not been uploaded before so we’re truly giving you another Dark Side Exclusive.

snapshot20151011150147I think we should start with the banana wear they got going in this, first off. I mean, bright yellow? Yellow overalls, that seemed to have mated with bad jumpsuits. Thank God they later had better…fashion…ideas…*remembers Kevin’s man-skirt*. Shit, well, never mind. Maybe the Boys did have something to do with their banana impersonating outfits instead of really bad early days stylists. I’m so damn distracted by the outfits! Really. It gives me the urge to start singing Hollaback Girl. Thank you Gwen Stefani for giving me a song for banana references to last me though life.

snapshot20151011150416Don’t let me get started on AJ’s hat.

They sing Boys Will Be Boys first and I’m reminded that I should do a post analyzing this song. Like…oiy. I’ve called it the no doesn’t mean no song. I could say more about the song but I’m choosing to focus on Brian’s arms which given when the video was recorded makes me feel a bit pervy but LOOK AT BRIAN’S ARMS! Okay, refocusing. Need to refocus.

This video was started off with the Jive label so you know this was to advertise our budding Boys and get them gigs and possibly songwriters. Because you know, this was pre-Max Martin and pre-Denniz Pop. Next it shifts over to Give Me Your Heart and the outfits are different so I can enjoy this unbelievably cheesy song which ranks so high on my guilty pleasure list. All them are wearing vests except AJ, because even back then…he had to be different. (That’s why we love you, AJ.)

snapshot20151011151105Lastly we’re treated to Nick and AJ leading on a cover from Kool & The Gang, Ooh La La La. Very cute. Ahh, the nineties. We miss you. The video is short but is a nice transition video. We see some early stuff and it’s like, how did this turn into the Boys we know? This sits in between that where we can see them becoming our beloved group but they still have that we’re still new at this together sort of vibe. It connects.

But enough of my rambles, watch for yourself!

Thank you again to Hayley aka @smeagols_twin on twitter for this video!

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