DWTS Recap Six: WitNick…I Prefer SharNick

So this week was Switch Up week. Which I pushed VERY hard for the fandom to vote for Lindsay. I got some heat for it on the TDS twitter. And I hate to be all I told you so so I won’t, but…I do wish we’d pushed harder to get Lindsay. While he didn’t get Allison (thank god), Nick got paired with Witney. Nick said flat out in his package she wasn’t committing to it the way he was. Honestly? I called that a week and a half ago. Every time there’s a Switch Up week, Witney’s Switch Up partner does worse than they had been. There’s always a dip. It’s annoying and it’s frustrating.

But what you gotta love? Sharna and Nick. Even during the show tonight they were hanging out and being close if you watched the All Access which shows stuff not on the regular show. They’re adorable. Thank God Sharna has him back next week.

Carlos and Lindsay? They got a 39. They got THREE 10s. Because Lindsay committed and choreographed an awesome Quickstep. She made sure to ram into Carlos the technique and precision he hadn’t been getting from Witney. Alexa and Derek got a freaking perfect score this week. So seeing Nick with a partner who didn’t want him to do as well? It’s enough to piss me off lol, if you want honesty. Basically I saw Carlos’ Quickstep as what could’ve been.

Also, dear Dancing With The Stars, never have Maks guest judge again. I will refuse to watch the weeks he does. I can’t stand him. Couldn’t when he was a pro (I hated him more than Derek, let’s put it that way) and I can’t now. He scored Tamar (his brother Val’s partner) a point higher than the other judges, and Bindi (Val’s partner this week) a point higher than the others. Anyone else? A point lower. Including Nick. Can we say BIASED anyone? At least Julianne doesn’t go easy on her brother every week. So yeah. Get out Maks. We don’t want you. You tried to be Len tonight and I’m sorry but you failed.

I didn’t mean for tonight’s recap to be venting! I’m sorry. I’m frustrated.

Okay, pretty sure I’m done venting. But in a way it’s neat seeing Nick trying to take the reigns. He knew things were going to go south if he didn’t. Our Boy is smart y’all. Luckily for us? Scores are combined from last week. So Alexa? She’s only at a 61. Nick? He’s at a 62. So while this is irritating and annoying, he’s not at the bottom. Bindi is at a 65 at the top. So, we’re okay. It’s only a three point difference and we can deal. However, lets not forget the importance of…you guessed it.


imageI know, they’re not Team SharNick this week but vote for Nick. I’m over Witney.

You have ONE HOUR after the show to vote (in your time zone). So vote! Call from 8pm to 11. You can call and vote up to nine times. NINE.

Online:  You go to ABC.com and it will open at 5pm PT (8pm EST) and stays open till 5pm PT (8pm EST) the next day. The number of votes are limited each week based on the number of contestants left on the show. You’ll be told how many votes you can submit through each format every week. You will have to register an account at ABC.com (Name, email, or Facebook) before you vote. You’ll have to use a proxy though if you’re outside the US, like Hola or another. You can use multiple emails and create multiple accounts to vote if you use different browsers.

Same with Facebook!

Facebook: Voting for Facebook can be done through here – http://apps.facebook.com/votedwts

Here’s the best video I can find after the show so far.

Edit: Found a better link!

Check back next week for Jaclyn’s recap! It’s supposed to be Movie Week next week.

4 thoughts on “DWTS Recap Six: WitNick…I Prefer SharNick

  1. I totally agree with your summary of the show. I feel like Witney was trying to sabotage the dance a bit. They could have done a much stronger dance. I got the feeling they didn’t get along too well from the video clip on the show. When Witney got the video trying to guess her partner, Nick’s name wasn’t one of the three she guessed before Nick revealed himself. That was pretty telling of how she felt about him being her partner along with the snarky comment of how her mother listened to Backstreet, not her. I can’t wait for Nick and Sharna to kill next week.


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