Flashback Friday: Brian, Brian, & More Brian

snapshot20151016023508So I remember when this was found on the internet. It was back when the TDS forum was still in it’s starter days back on ProBoards. When the commercial happened? We’re not a hundred percent sure cause it never actually aired on TV. Judging by the looks of Brian…we’re guessing 1999/2000. Can’t be much later. Mainly because this commercial HAD to exist before the invention of the iPod. Remember when mp3s were a pain to download? Remember Limewire? Napster? Dial-Up Internet? The general age of BSB fans should but I know we have younger fans. (Hooray for helping new generations!) So we mainly relied on CDs for our music addictions. I kind of miss those days…but that’s another post. The product Brian was playing spokesman for? It’s incredibly 90’s. Mainly because it’s just before mp3s, and later Spotify, took over the music world.

So this was a commercial to advertise a music vending machine in movie theaters. Easy to see why they recruited a member of the biggest boyband in the world at the time, right? The vending machine would carry soundtracks to the movies airing. Neat idea actually. I remember buying the soundtrack to A Walk To Remember after I saw it. (Okay that MIGHT have had something to do with my thing for Shane West that continues to exist this very day. Don’t judge me.) Easy way for movie theaters to make more money, just out of pure convenience. Now this idea is useless but back then? I wonder why it never took off. Anywho, it’s a pretty cute commercial.

We get to see Brian show off his acting chops outside of Olive Juice.

snapshot20151016023546First as a movie-goer, just like us!

snapshot20151016023727Tickets please!

snapshot20151016023918Popcorn! Get your popcorn!

snapshot20151016023948Hmm, think this is enough?

snapshot20151016024247I think this proves nothing can hide how adorable he is.

All in all, it’s almost tragic this commercial never made it to the masses till nearly a decade after it was made. Because it shows that Brian has a true knack for comedic acting, beyond the goofball antics we typical see in sound checks and interviews. It makes you wonder about the Brian that “might have been” had he tried a stronger hand at it. Still, at least we have this now.

As another reminder that Brian will never fail to make us smile.


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