Breaking AJ News – Launch Party Details!

Did you know AJ’s product, SkulleeRoz Vapor has it’s very own launch party coming up?



Okay so we’ve all been pretty focused on Nick’s weekly dances on Dancing With The Stars. Myself included. Fine. especially myself. But. I love all five of those Boys. Almost equally. Damn close, okay? So I do try my damnedest to keep up on all the comings and goings of the Boys themselves so that I don’t miss a thing? I could start singing Aerosmith here, but that will be cheesy. I’ll hold back for you. I’m here with all the details you will need to get yourself hyped for an event created for our favorite rebel Backstreet Boy.

Did you know before this post that AJ has his own Vapor Juice line?
You should! The three flavors are “CandeeRoz”, “Blueberry Pancake” and a new one called “Ro Ro Red” which is a Red Velvet flavor. Who knew? AJ hit us faster than a shark attack (sorry! I couldn’t help myself) with this product. Already two of the flavors are garnering pretty favorable reviews. Want to know more? You can like it on Facebook or go to the website.

What about the event itself?
As always, we’re here for you. So first off, it’s FREE. YES there’s a Backstreet Boy solo event and it’s free. I know. Crazy! But it’s an opportunity. Kure Society teamed up with SkuleeRoz Vapor to create this wonderful event. It’ll be held at Kure University where you’ll be served beer, cider, and other malt beverages. They’ll also have tasters on hand of the product so you can see for yourself how it is!

Did we mention there’ll be a DJ?

Is There VIP?
Of course there’s a VIP option, silly! There are 100 Packages available for fans to purchase one from for 70$. Best part? It includes A PHOTO OP with AJ himself. Seriously, think of how expensive VIP photos normally are. This is a freaking steal. Jump on it! You also receive…

  • A bottle each of two Skulleeroz flavors: “CandeeRoz” and “Blueberry Pancake.”
  • These packages are available in non-nicotine juice ONLY and include the necessary vaporizer hardware to be able to experience these new flavors.

But again there’s only 100 packages so buy one now before they run out here!

Still have questions? No worries!
You can RSVP here and find even more information.

Want to know what to expect?
Store opens at 10am
Line forms for the Photo Op at 1:30pm
Photos last from 3pm to 6pm
Event goes on until 7:30pm
Store closes at 11:00pm

So go on! Support AJ and enjoy yourselves! The launch party will be on November 7th!

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