Flashback Friday: As Long As You Love Me Appreciation

snapshot20151023033159I’m a sucker for As Long As You Love Me. I admit it. I may joke about the lyrics, or dress up as a twisted interpretation of the song for a Halloween Night… but I adore it. (And yes, I actually did that last cruise. It was fun!) So when I saw this particular tweet…

I knew I had to do a post about it. Basically this song ranks second to 10,000 Promises in my list of BSB songs I’ll love forever. This song in a way just brings back your childhood. At least it does for me. Yes, the lyrics basically prove the Boys had incredibly low standards back then. But the song features the two Boys I couldn’t decide between back then – Brian and Nick. How could I? Both were adorable, blue eyed Boys. Both could sing quite well. One was silly, the other had a swagger I don’t think he realized he had back then. (Sometimes I don’t think Nick realizes it now.)

I’m going to talk about the song AND the video. Because I can.

The song is an earworm. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t hum or sing along when they hear it playing. I’m not talking about fans either. I’m talking non-fans from the 90s generation like most of us, that I work with, for example. (People I’ve talked into voting for Nick on DWTS too, but I digress.) The song gets in your head. It’s Frick and it’s Frack right in the height of the fandom shipping glory days of their bromance. Before bromance or shipping were even terms then. This song fed into all that joy. That’s just the song.

The video? God bless the director. Brian’s eyes never looked bluer.

snapshot20151023033342We got a taste of the Boys being silly in a video.

alaylmblogAnd everyone knows the story about how that video changed Brian’s life.

snapshot20151023033753Plus that song gave us the video that created the iconic pop-locking chair dance!


So let’s sit back and appreciate that greatness that is As Long As You Love Me. I linked below a few performances of the song I’m sure you’ll enjoy from over the years. I can’t get enough of the song no matter now many times I hear it. Whether it’s from videos going all the way from 1997, or recent performances such as two years ago. From Nick’s younger and admittedly more “nasally” days to now where he sounds slicker and smoother. The Boys have been performing this song for almost two decades and it’s still as fresh as it was then.

Of course, after all my raving about it, I had to link to the music video too.

Happy Belated 19th Birthday, As Long As You Love Me. Never change!

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