DWTS Recap Nine: Backstreet Baby Boy and Perfect 10s

CS2tPElUsAAUHZj.jpg largeHoly hell I’m glad I was able to blog this one. I mean can we say FEELS?! Like good god. I was a little worried about tonight. Last week was rough and then Nick having to learn 4 different routines even though three of them were short. Now rumors had been swirling since last week (cause the news was leaked early) about Lauren being pregnant. But seeing them talk about it in Nick’s package? I don’t know how anyone could watch that and NOT have some major feelings. I for one, had no idea Nick and Lauren had suffered a miscarriage before. It does also subtly tell us why the pair waited this long before announcing that she’s four month’s pregnant – to be sure it didn’t happen again.

Then on top of that, they revealed the gender for the expecting parents. We’ve got another Backstreet Baby Boy guys! Anyone else find it hilariously fitting that AJ is the only one with a baby girl? I mean forever the rebel, right?

Okay, I should talk about the dances. Not about how adorable a daddy Nick will be.

Even if he will be the cutest.

I can rave forever about this news.

Nick’s dance this week was a dance to Lauren, who he said is his idol and constant source of inspiration. They danced to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and it was beautiful. Some of Sharna’s best choreography as well. Something I expected because she’s a fantastic pro, but still. The lifts were to die for, the emotions carried that dance all the way through. You could truly feel Nick’s love for Lauren and the joy he has at becoming a father. I was struck speechless.

Also, he got his FIRST perfect score! Finally! He truly earned it.

Bindi? She didn’t get a perfect score. Which I loved. Not because of Bindi. She’s truly talented and pretty adorable. But because I hate Derek. I love seeing him lose. It was lovely. On top of it? Bindi lost the dance off to Carlos and Witney? Which…okay I’m objective enough to recognize she should’ve won that most likely. But she didn’t. And that gave me a smile because once again Derek lost. (Last week I loved that Derek lost the Team Dance, this season keeps on giving!)

But just because Nick is at the top, doesn’t mean voting isn’t important.

No. It’s always important!

So as the only PERFECT score that night, and being at the top of the leaderboard, Nick earned immunity. This means he didn’t have to do the dance off. This also meant he couldn’t be eliminated. Not that I don’t have faith in our Backstreet Army. Totally do. But I gotta admit, it was a relief knowing he CANNOT go home tonight. He CAN however, go home next week if we get complacent. So don’t forget that.

Sadly Andy got eliminated this week. (An example of someone who scored HIGH being voted off). All the way from the west coast, in Vegas…I can hear Jaclyn’s cheers at Andy being gone. I actually liked Andy so I’ll miss him on the show. The show who’s new motto should be, as said by Andy, “Dancing Is Hard.”

I’ll miss ya Andy and Allison.

We have videos for you too from the show! Happily brought to you by @whipclip!


And before you leave the internet for the night VOTE for Team SharNick!

imageYou have ONE HOUR after the show to vote (in your time zone). So vote! Call from 8pm to 11. You can call and vote up to seven times. Seven!

Online:  You go to ABC.com and it will open at 5pm PT (8pm EST) and stays open till 5pm PT (8pm EST) the next day. The number of votes are limited each week based on the number of contestants left on the show. You’ll be told how many votes you can submit through each format every week. You will have to register an account at ABC.com (Name, email, or Facebook) before you vote. You’ll have to use a proxy though if you’re outside the US, like Hola or another. You can use multiple emails and create multiple accounts to vote if you use different browsers.

Same with Facebook!

Facebook: Voting for Facebook can be done through here –http://apps.facebook.com/votedwts

See you guys next week! I’ll be back yet again with a recap!

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