Congratulations Nick and Lauren! Love, The BSB Army

As someone who’s been a Backstreet Boys fan since about 1997, I feel I can speak for all of us when I say I feel like I’ve grown up along side the youngest member. Nick was a kid when he joined the group and those of us who’ve been fans since we were children, have grown just as he did. We’ve seen Nick at his lowest points of his life. We worried about him like he was a friend, in a sense, due to the music the group has brought us, that Nick brought us solo…he sort of was. We watched him struggle in the spotlight. We’ve watched him deal with problems we never expected him to have.

But we also watched him triumph. We saw him fight back and get his life back in control.

Many of us saw his happiness when he got together with Lauren. His priorities shifted. Words we always heard him say such as “I don’t believe in marriage”, suddenly weren’t true anymore. When he dated Lauren you could see him shine. He was happier than the fandom had ever seen him. It was beautiful. And then we were honored with the fact the couple decided to share their special day with us. Their wedding day. The love between them was crystal clear and all we wanted was for Nick to be as happy as he’s made his fans over the years. We got it.

Thank you Lauren, for doing that. Thank you for giving Nick such joy. Anyone with eyes can see how much you love him, and how much he loves you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to Nick. Thank you for being you and everything he’s ever wanted in a person. Thank you for loving him the way you do.

Seeing Nick and Lauren talk about their pregnancy on Dancing With The Stars was beyond touching. I’m struggling for the words, honestly. The look on Nick’s face as he watched that sonogram… I got emotional. I know some may not get that, outside the fandom. We don’t know Nick. But how can you not be filled with happiness for someone who’s given you so many years of it through music? You can’t. Nick may never get how he’s touched our lives. That’s okay.

Seeing him get everything he’s ever wanted, everything he deserves is enough for me. Nick, you will be a fantastic father. I hope you realize that. You and Lauren are going to give this baby boy all the love in the world. Baby Carter is luckier than he might ever know to have you two as parents. I speak for all of us when I say congratulations and thank you, for sharing yet another precious moment of your lives with us. You didn’t have to but we’re honored that you did.

Nick, Lauren, below, are the thoughts of others in the fandom who wanted to wish you well.

Being a new fan and only joined the fandom in 2011, I only got to get excited for the youngest Backstreet Babies, and my “first time” were Ava & Holden, but I wasnt really active in the fandom at the moment. Then I found out Kristin was pregnant and THAT was probably the last time I’m this ecstatic. Nick’s journey has been such a long one and seeing him this happy expecting his first child is just so adorable. I mean, it’s our Nick, we could literally tell whether he is disappointed or excited. It’s so obvious that he is happy and he already love his son. I may not be a full time Carter girl and as you all know Im a huge tad of Kevin fan but Nick always have a special place in my heart & seeing him this overjoyed is just so overwhelming. The baby will have such good, loving parents. – Sasa @SasaRichardson

#CongratsNickAndLauren We are very Happy and proud of you guys. Enjoy and live this special moment in your lives!!!! God bless you guys and your son. xoxo
Your fans

– Amanda Do Couta E Silva

Dear Nick & Lauren,

First of all I just wanted to say that it will be tough to find the words to express how happy I am for you two, and my poor english skills do not help. And I’ll probably end up in tears after I’ll have writting this …

So let’s go ! ( Wait I grab my tissues)

Since the very beginning, we all (most of all) realised that you two were perfect match and your couple was meant to be. You both inspired, supported and motivated each other. Your love grew up everyday and this baby is the achievement of your beautiful story.

Nick we all are so proud of the man you’ve became. We all know that your childhood wasn’t the happiest one and throught your life you had to fight struggles. I remember the days you were saying that you’ll never get married or have childrens ; but you found the one who changed everything. Now you’ll be a dad, it’s still weird to believe that baby backtreet is gonna have a baby, and you’ll be an amazing one. No doubt this baby will be cherished and raised by amazing parents.

Seeing you on DWTS talking about your son, and how your eyes were sparkling, melt our hearts. We know that even if your are an international star, who sold millions of album and won a lot of awards this son will be your greatest accomplishement. A child is a blessing … and a complete life change.

Days will be longer and nights way shorters … And as a musician you’ll have to get used to new notes : the voice of a baby crying. Don’t be scared, even if you’ll be deprived of sleep and sometimes you’ll just want to have an isolation room, each time you’ll have your son in your arms, see  his little eyes and smiles, when he will grabbed your finger in his little hand, you’ll forget everything. He will make your home happier and your love stronger.

Lauren you made Nick a better man (he said it ).You helped him believe in love and in himself, finally be happy and now raise a family. I’m happy you found each other.

But I think that the pharmaceutical industry will thank you cause their sales of anxiolytics medicines will reach dizzying levels in the next few days/months ! #joking

I can imagine how tough it has been to be on tour for months and months, and to deal with all the fans, especially some of them … But we are not all crazy and most of us are rooting for you : see all the beautiful messages on here 😉  They say that the road, ain’t no place to start a family (yeah I stole this from The Journey) … Now you are having a son and I know you will raise and protect him, and want to do everything possible for your family to have a life as normal as possible. And you’ll be able to live happily in « your bubble » far away from all the negativity, fans, … and continue to support your husband in everything he will do.

When there will be another tour, he better gets ready cause he won’t received gifts anymore, I mean he will but not for him : all for the baby ! When he will come back home I hope you’ll have room in his wardrobe.

But don’ talk about that, for now he is – and will for a while – at home with you to build a nest for your son. Hope he will cherish you like never before ; don’t forget that pregancy is when you are officially allowed to swear and curse at your husband and blame it all on hormones =)

Pregnancy fits you very well. You are glowing.

I know that at a point, when your body begins to change, all the women start feeling like crap. Please don’t ! Even if you get stretch marcks, you get swollen feet and fingers, when you won’t see your feet anymore, – ( but I don’t worry about that part I know you will lost all the weight very fast and make us jealous again with your hot body) … It worth it at the end. Never forget this baby is a blessing, enjoy every moment of this pregancy, every foot kicks he will give you, every movements he will make in your belly (event if sometimes you’ll feel like he wants your stomach or lungues to move far away), … 9 months go too fast. Of course it’s nothing compared to the joy of seeing and holding him in your arms for the first time when he will be born.

I love how strong, kind and beautiful you are. You have a golden heart and are so loving. Your son will be raised in a beautiful way and I hope I’ll gain your strong personality and your qualities.

When two become one : magic happens !

The two of you were sparkling on Monday, we could only see how happy and in love you are. And the gender revalation was so almazing, thanks for sharing this moment with us) . We know this boy will be a perfect mix of his amazing parents. He will be loved and raised by a careful parents ; in  a home full of hapiness and love.

Okay now I can’t find the words anymore, and may have scared you with my parenthood « advices ».

No in fact, I start to have teary eyes.

Nick : you’ll be an amazing dad  And don’t forget to take care and cherish your amazing wife during her pregancy. She deserves more love and intentions than ever 😉

Lauren : wish you a peaceful, happy and healthy pregnancy.

Congrats again to the two of you. Wish you a heathly baby.

With all my love,



Dear Nick and Lauren,
I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS on the news of your precious baby boy to be!! I am thrilled and overjoyed for both of you with this incredible news. You have both been through a lot, and I know it has been an emotional ride to get to this point. I thank God that you have this baby on the way and that you will soon have your first bundle of joy to begin your family. Children are a miracle, and the two of you deserve this more than you know. The reveal was absolutely beautiful, and I was in tears and so thankful to be able to witness that with both of you. Thank you SO much for allowing us to be part of something so intimate and special. I pray that God will bless your lives each and every day, and I know that you will be WONDERFUL parents. That baby boy will be so lucky to have both of you, and I know he will be loved fully and endlessly. Nick, you and Sharna performed a flawless, beautiful, captivating Contemporary dance, which was a moving tribute to Lauren. It brought me to tears, and I am so incredibly proud of you, of all the hard work and dedication you have put in, and with how humble you have been through the whole experience. You are an amazing man, with such a beautiful heart and soul, and such amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your talent and your life with us. You have been through many ups and downs in your life, and it fills me with joy to see you so happy and that you have all this love in your life. You deserve this and the glow on your face is something beautiful to see. You will be an amazing father and I look forward to seeing all that is to come on your journey ahead. Lauren, thank you for loving Nick whole-heartedly and being his inspiration, his love, his support, and his foundation. You have picked him up in times of trouble and also been his greatest cheerleader in all the great times. Nick has truly blossomed as a man with you and you are an incredible woman with all that you take on. I know things must not always be easy, especially with the life Nick has, but you’ve been by his side through thick and thin. You are greatly appreciated and I can see just how much he loves, cherishes and adores you. God bless both of you and your son. I look forward to hearing what Baby Boy Carter will be named, and to seeing his precious face for the first time!
PS: Get ready for all the baby gifts at future meet and greets! 🙂
– Jennifer  @oceanserenity

The love doesn’t stop there. We’re beyond happy for you two.

It’s hard for me not to be emotional and explain my feelings over everything that happened last night… I can’t even in my native language… So I’ll try my best to write the congratulations on the baby boy and being somehow original(?)! I admit, I had to rewatch the video of the dance several times because when it got to the point of the dance I was already fully in tears of happiness that I couldn’t focus too much on the performance… It has to be noted that “Can’t help falling in love” is one of my favorite and most romantic songs… I’m proud of being a Nick and Lauren fan, their love is so true, real, amazing, they are just like 2 pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together… I mean, you can see miles away their love and support on each other… as for the miscarriage and the long waiting to be pregnant, that was heartbreaking… I am going through the same emotional madness even if everybody tells me “the more you look for a baby, the more time it’ll take”… my mother wanted me to be born in the early spring of 1983, I was born in late december 1984 and she told me “the moment I said : I give up, whatever happens, happens” voilà, I was on the way… but when you’re living it, it’s different… Seriously, I cannot be happier, prouder and in love with them… A baby is a blessing, this baby is going to be the most loved one ever… I feel like we’re all Aunties of baby boy Kitt-Carter and I promise I will protect Lauren and the baby with every power I have, being it the internet or anything else… SO CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR BUNDLE OF JOY ON THE WAY! Lauren thank you for the amazing person and wife you are! As a fan, I couldn’t be more thankful that the person I have been following for a lifetime, has found somebody as beautiful, special, smart, caring, loving as you! It turned I am one of your biggest fans! As for the dance… It was perfection! The final touch on the belly still hits me every time I see it… THE PERFECT SCORE OF THE NIGHT WAS THE BABY ANNOUNCEMENT! It could’ve been whatever gender but I think we all agree we want him to be healthy! Like daddy Nick said during the Ultrasound! Thank you both for sharing with us the moment of the ultrasound (Nick and Lauren’s smile was self-speaking) and the gender revelation! Just to let you know, last night I hope people used tissues made out recycled paper because, if everyone cried of happiness as I did (and still doing – I’m drained but happily hihi)… it would be a problem for the environment! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN ON THIS BABY BLESSING! Nothing makes me happier than seeing your family… that’s hitting the jackpot in life!
– Alex Seiya @AlexSeiya_

fZbbO-A4.jpg large

Dear Nick and Lauren, congrats on you announcement and your baby boy. I am very happy for you both and you will be great parents. Much love. Oh ya sleep now lots of sleep and start getting up at three am for practice and get a fake baby that crys just for practice. You will do great. Lauren you are glowing and are so beutiful. And you look great. Congrats again
~ Kristin Wagener

CONGRATS Nick and Lauren!!! I’m usually bias when it comes to babies with girls but as a BSB fan I’m so happy that it’s a new Backstreet Boy being added to the family!!! xoxo
– Nessa @OnYour6Chemist

Congrats Nick and Lauren vim so happy for you two. I will be praying hard for you three. Don’t feel stupid taking the baby to the Dr or er if you feel something isn’t right. Also make your own baby food. It’s cheaper and gets him used to how you two eat
– Love, Tricia

Dear Lauren dear Nick. I am so so happy for you expecting ur little baby Backstreet boy. From the bottom of my heart I wish U all the best. I know U ll be amazing parents. U ve showed us that real love really exist. Stay together till the end of time bc ur wonderful together. God bless U and ur little family. Love ya to the moon and back. All my best wishes.
 – Love Justyna

Baby Carter, you don’t know us but we know you already. And we love you. One day you’ll look back and be as proud of your parents as we are. You’re an extremely lucky boy to be born to such parents. The love they share is what created you and it’s beautiful in every way.

Once again, congratulations on your baby. We couldn’t be happier if we tried.

By the way…if you guys want baby name ideas, let us know. We have tons of ideas!

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