DWTS Recap 10: Nick’s A Cool Cat In Town…

So after the joy and feelings from last week, I was fine. I wasn’t a ball of nerves. I wasn’t worrying about Nick. First week since this damn season started that I felt like that. Of course, something happens to get rid of that happy, calm feeling. It was nice while it lasted though. See this week, Nick was to do a duet dance with Tamar. Which, she’s good so I was like okay, cool. But then TMZ reported Tamar was at the hospital. Annnnnnnd welcome back nerves! Cause ya know, that means we gotta substitute Tamar with a pro if she doesn’t come back, what if she does make it back…can she dance? Lots of questions.

But let’s talk first about Nick’s individual dance…the Quickstep.

I’m angry, very angry about this dance being underscored. Nick NAILED it. He got the character, he got the steps. He had the posture. Everything was spot on for a dance style that for about half the season, I was nervous for him to do! I was transported back into the swing era, watching this. And on top of it, Nick hurt himself in rehearsals? It’s unreal. Nick had so much damn swagger I think I got pregnant watching it!

They say he broke hold too much. Yes, in Quickstep you’re not supposed to do that much.


Remember Bindi’s Quickstep during TV week? Yeah. Remember how many times they broke hold? I call bullshit. I’m sorry. If you’re going to enforce that rule enforce it every week! It’s not right to just call it out when you feel like it. Bruno was pretty damn fair though, and scored it correctly. He gave them a 10. It should’ve been all 10s instead of two 9s and a 10 but I could rant for years.

I’d rather talk about the fact THE BOYS WERE THERE FOR NICK!

Yes, I squeed. Yes, I fangirled. Their support was cute and adorable and I could barely take it. I wonder if this means the Boys are recording while they’re in LA. Maybe? Yes? Hopefully? Yes? Boys are you reading this? We want the next album! Please? Pretty please? Pretty pretty please? We’re dying for new music!

I’m focusing. Really. PS…People magazine?


Sorry. I had to say it for all of us.

Now, for the duet dance…Tamar and Nick had to take inspiration from the Beatles LOVE show by Cirque Du Soleil show right here in Las Vegas. I’ve seen the show, it’s amazing. I adore it. If you ever come here to Vegas? First, hit me up. Second? Go see it. Totally worth the money. I was super excited they were doing a dance to Hey Jude. I was raised on the Beatles thanks to my mom, and so yeah. Lots of Love, no pun intended, for this idea. Tamar came back just in the nick of time (again, no pun intended). I’m amazed she danced. Like afterwards Nick or Val was helping her stand. Hopefully she gets better for next week. All in all I adored this. Very moving dance, very lovely. Again underscored in my opinion…but I digress. It got them three 9s for a 27.

Elimination? Alexa (who was GREATLY over scored for a lackluster Contemporary) did. She had two perfect scores tonight. Which drives home again, the need for voting. It’s important. Thankfully we never have to hear the show push the married couple theme again for the rest of the season. I was over it.

And Carlos? It got bleeped out but what he said was “it should’ve been Tamar”. Which, wow. Sometimes I talk about Tamar’s attitude but honestly? She’s been far more consistent in her dancing than your wife. Sorry.

Moving on, I’m kind of shocked Alek is hanging on. I can’t see him squeaking by next week though. Then again Tamar and Alek are pretty close in scores. So maybe he will.

Here’s where everyone stands on the leaderboard in cause you’re curious.

Bindi: 30 + 30 = 60
Nick: 28 + 27 = 55
Carlos: 27 + 24 = 51
Tamar: 22 + 27 = 49
Alek: 24 + 24 = 48

What matters is that you absolutely make sure you VOTE! It’s huge. If we get Nick in the final four, he freestyles! And really…don’t you want to see that?

wewantyoudwtsYou have ONE HOUR after the show to vote (in your time zone). So vote! Call from 8pm to 11. You can call and vote up to six times. SIX!

Online:  You go to ABC.com and it will open at 5pm PT (8pm EST) and stays open till 5pm PT (8pm EST) the next day. The number of votes are limited each week based on the number of contestants left on the show. You’ll be told how many votes you can submit through each format every week. You will have to register an account at ABC.com (Name, email, or Facebook) before you vote. You’ll have to use a proxy though if you’re outside the US, like Hola or another. You can use multiple emails and create multiple accounts to vote if you use different browsers.

Same with Facebook!

Facebook: Voting for Facebook can be done through here –http://apps.facebook.com/votedwts

Come back next week where I will be blogging the semi-finals!

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