It’s Christmas Time Again (With Pandaskunks!)

large.al60o8o6vw6s“It’s a mythical creature known as the Pandaskunk!”

Kevin said that to me and my friends in 2013, because of this song and video.

I have a special love for both.

Did you know that It’s Christmas Time Again has been out for years now? Since 2012? I hadn’t realized it till I went to look it up cause I wanted to do a post about this song. I adore this song. It’s an ear-worm, it’s catchy as hell and it’s simply fun. The song went number one on Billboard’s Holiday charts in 2012 too, which wasn’t something the fandom ever expected at the time. We were fresh off the This Is Us and NKOTBSB eras, when the world wasn’t taking them seriously at all. Not even the nostalgia factor that’s been boosting them SO much now had kicked in just yet.

There’s also another reason for the special feelings. This song was officially the first single they released since the return of Kevin. We didn’t have the In A World Like This album yet. We didn’t have the BSB Documentary yet. But we had this and it was worth waiting for. It created a buzz during the holidays and added to the appearances where they talked about Kevin’s return. In retrospect it was a pretty smart move from the Boys.

So let’s talk about the song, AND it’s music video. (Cause I have a desperate need to talk about the music video. Because…Pandaskunks.)

I mean the song’s melody was just so upbeat and addictive, and this was before they came at us with Permanent Stain which had several similarities. Nick starting the song off, showing us once again what those vocal lessons did for them. And Kevin had a lead! I should remind you the last time Kevin had a lead (at the time) before this song was Show Me The Meaning, okay. It’s been a long, long time and having him back and having a lead? It was lovely. Especially when he and Brian are blending together. Kentucky Fried Goodness.

Now…for the music video. This video is nothing but questions. My friends and I had the opportunity (we have shirts we wear that parody the video) to ask Nick if he was behind the video. Sadly, he was pretty eager to deny it. I mean it was a valid question. I hadn’t forgotten the randomness of those Backstreet Project webisodes, okay? I knew this could’ve been in the Nick Carter brain wheelhouse.

So I couldn’t get the answers for the video that gave nothing but questions. Such as…

Are the little people in the video elves?

Why is Santa wearing goggles?

How do The Boys know elves?

When did Kevin become a pirate?

snapshot20151112020155What the hell does a rocket ship have to do with Christmas?

Is Nick taking off?

Do we call Ground Control cause something’s wrong?

And…my personal favorite:

Why are these elves (?) riding a giant freaking pandaskunk? WHY are there pandaskunks? WHERE CAN I GET ONE?!

What do I mean by a pandaskunk? I’ll show you.

snapshot20151112020127It’s a Panda and Skunk looking hybrid. Why can it fly? Not sure since Pandas nor Skunks can fly. Is it a rare breed? A genetic experiment? Are they just a special creature like unicorns? Are they more magical than unicorns? (YES). Like the story is supposed to be a couple celebrating Christmas over the span of years. But the video doesn’t actually show that. We don’t even know if the couple are human or elves. Then we have random submarines, Christmas trees underwater, and again, PANDASKUNKS.

My friends and I had to actually explain the term to the Boys when they saw our shirts. But when we wear them we’re actually known as the Pandaskunk girls now. The Pandaskunk has become a running joke within the hardcore section of the fandom. Mainly because really, what’s not to like about this out of place, completely unintentional, but totally lovable mascot? And this video is just a practically crazy jumble of words animated into a delightfully hilarious video.

I don’t think they meant it to be funny. But it is. I mean one moment you have the Boys in snowball fights and the next they’re in a rocket. Maybe Santa delivers to aliens? Nick would love that.

I’m still convinced the person who created this video was on a serious acid trip.

But I salute you…It’s Christmas Time Again. You are the Christmas anthem of the fandom. (Hey I rhymed!) You are far better than your soft spoken predecessor Christmas Time (man…maybe they gotta start varying song titles?). And your video gives me giggles of random joy that convince me I have to be high as I watch this, even though I’m completely sober every time.

Backstreet-Boys-Christmas-AnimatedAnd when the Pandaskunk flies down, down, down…
You know the Boys are back in town, town, town…
That’s when it’s Backstreet Time again!

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