And They Call Him, Poppy Love…


So the show intends to “hide” the identity of everyone competing. However. like practically every show that attempts this? We know immediately that it’s AJ on the newest season of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race as “Poppy Love”. And honestly? I adore it. AJ has such flair, the hair is big, the colors are bright and at the end of the show when he goes offstage? He’s literally got a sashay that no one but him could posess.

It’s funny, but typically I prefer my drag in person. Not on TV. But hey, I’d heared the murmurings that AJ was going to be on, like everyone else so I tuned into today with my friends and I loved it. I loved just how boldly he went for this. AJ’s always been the type to do what he wants without, if you excuse my language, giving a flying fuck about what anyone else thinks. It’s one of several reasons I adore him. He embraces all of who he is without a single apology.

That’s probably why he won the first week. Because he went for it, hard. Dancing. lipsyncing with all his heart, grinding, being dragged down the stage? You name it. Now, the song choice? I don’t know if AJ got to pick it but it wasn’t my favorite considering the other options the other contestants got. But hey it doesn’t matter, because he clearly used this time to shine. AJ, we’re all super proud of you and no matter how this contest went down, know that.

I could go into detail about the entirety of the episode but AJ stole the show. So honestly, I’m not going to. Maybe next episode. Unless AJ does what he clearly tends to do, which is manage to own the stage and get all the attention on him. Guess we’ll see. I am fully impressed at how they covered all his tattoos, and at AJ’s ability to own that stage in heels. Also, didn’t know AJ is drag was something I needed, but here we are.

Make sure you tune back in on August 26th for the next episode!

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