Can You Believe We’re Finally Getting a Backstreet Boys Christmas Album?


So, here’s the thing.

This post isn’t informative. Not really. I mean maybe a little.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that the Boys are FINALLY releasing a Christmas album. It’s out on preorder practically everywhere in the US, it’s available for presave on major streaming platforms, and you know you could order it on their official website. I’m not here to really go into the details. Mainly because the news came out a month ago. I’m more, just finally getting free of the shock that we’re FINALLY getting this. (Yes it took me a month to accept this.) And I’m going to put enough faith that it’s actually happening this time. Because this time the album is out on preorder. This isn’t like last year, where they scheduled shows but we never got an album release date.

We didn’t last year. Yes we got residency dates but we didn’t get an album date. This year? We got the opposite. And for those wondering, I know nothing officially but speaking as someone who lives in Vegas, I don’t think we’re getting a Christmas residency but I think we’ll get shows. You know I’ll shout it from the rooftops once I know. But like…guys.

Just bask for a moment.

Our group? Thriving. Sold out show after sold out show.

A new album…we’re getting a new album – in TWO MONTHS. That’s not that far away!

And it’s the Christmas album so many of us have demanded for freaking years.


And now they’re teasing us. Because it’s real.


And I’m just in happy happy shock. It’s finally hitting me that it’s real. I guess it should have back when I preordered the album, when news first started to get out. And the money came out of my bank account. But I guess I sort of expected something to go sideways. I love the Boys and you all know this. In a way it seemed like the Christmas album has become this mythical goal, a dream just out of reach. I mean for me personally, it takes something really special for me to allow it to invade Spooky Season the way the album will.

But we’re two months away. Are you excited? Because damn, I really really am.

If you’re not, watch their promo clip for it. Because it’s fucking adorable.

I guess my point here besides reacting to the fact that the Christmas album is coming, and it’s real, and it’s not too far away…is to just remember how lucky we are. To be the fans of the group that didn’t quit. To have our group actually love what they do, and love each other enough that they want to keep doing this. And to be fans of the group that fulfills the promises they give, even if it takes literal decades like this Christmas album is. We’re just so lucky and it’s nice to remember that now and again.

This Christmas, they’ll give us their heart. 

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