Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart… – BSB Update a Christmas Classic

Okay so first off, I didn’t expect this so fast.

Christmas in September? I mean I thought Spooky Season would’ve been safe before the album release in October. But hey, I’m not complaining. If this means my playlist is going to jump from Nick’s song Scary Monster to BSB’s Last Christmas, then I’m all for it. I was super excited to start writing about it and yes, I currently have the song on repeat it.

Now, I have to admit that Last Christmas, the version by Wham! is one of my favorite holiday tunes. So when I’d learned that this was going to be on the album and was one of the songs to be teased from the start? I got ridiculously excited cause I knew then that this song had to be the lead off single. Some people might’ve have wanted it to be an original song, but I actually think it’s smart they didn’t. Let’s start off with a song you already know people love, as a way to tease them in. Then, hit them with one of the original tracks later. I’m really excited to hear those next month.

But let’s dive into their cover here. I like that they made it more upbeat. The tempo is turned up just a notch, not enough to turn the song into something unrecognizable. Just a tad to put their own little flavor on it. From the teases we’d gotten prior, I’d thought this was going to be a Nick centered track. It does fit his voice like a glove and that’s how albums go with the group. Some songs are more dominated by one Boy versus another. So imagine my surprise when while listening, it’s evenly divided by all five members! Now don’t get me wrong, I like when they do this. But over the past few years the group themselves have admitted they’ve worked on not forcing this, because it can make it feel unnatural on the track. It’s something they made sure not to do on DNA.

In this case, I actually find this to be a strength on the cover. After listening to the entire thing I’m actually glad they didn’t do what I’d thought they’d do which was leave it as a Nick and Howie dominated track. Though for the first minute of the song, the two sound fabulous. Especially when you have Brian coming in with those background belts, reminding people of why we loved his voice from the start. But you know, I think a lot of fans forget exactly how smooth and unique a voice Kevin has. And it’s always a joy to hear it. And to hear him blend with AJ on a way we haven’t heard since I Want It That Way? Pick me up off the flood because I’m swooning. When these five come together in all the different ways they’ve managed to discover over the years, it’s magic. Pure magic.

But really, I think the best part is that the ending, where the focus goes purely onto their vocals. That little breakdown. Pure harmonic bliss. The melody takes a backseat as we’re reminded yet again why the Backstreet Boys have the career they do, why they’re the ones who have stayed standing despite everything. Just remember, this is just a small bit of the album we’re about to get in about a month.

I can’t wait.

If you haven’t heard BSB’s cover of Last Christmas yet..
You can stream it below!

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